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You can strengthen your immunity during the seasons

We need to be more aware of our bodies due to the weather changes during the autumn-winter season. This should be our priority. strengthen our The immune system is the body’s defense against illness. What do you consider immune-boosting foods?

When there are seasonal changes Prebiotic and probiotic We should eat foods high in antioxidants and with antiviral and antibiotic qualities. This valuable content will help strengthen your immunity.

Foods containing vitamin C

Add foods such as oranges, tangerines, rosehip, green bell pepper, and parsley. You can add pepper and parsley in salads, or make your lunch more festive by adding orange juice to it. A study found that orange juice is the most popular beverage in the country. Vitamin C is known to reduce the time it takes for people to recover from common cold symptoms.

Foods containing vitamin D

Vitamin D, as we all know is essential in our daily lives. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and gastro-intestinal diseases. Particularly bone disorders. It publishes valuable articles about vitamin D every year.

Now, let’s move on to our main topic. Have low energy, reluctance or weakness and feel tired. This could be. Your low vitamin D levels. It is because of Seasonal transitionVitamin D deficiency is most likely to be caused by a decrease in sunbathing. Research has shown that vitamin D supplementation or food intake can help prevent certain diseases. Vitamin D is crucial for maintaining immunity.

Probiotic and prebiotic food

Thanks to good bacteria, we can enrich our intestinal flora. Fermented foods. Probiotic-rich yogurts and kefir are some of the most popular. We can also support your immune system and benign bacterial flora when prebiotic foods are consumed such as beans, lentils and walnuts, as well as almonds and celery.

Your Gut health Your immune system directly relates to it. Protect yourself against disease by eating fermented foods, prebiotic food, and taking probiotic supplements.

Onion and garlic

Natural antibiotics like garlic and onions can help boost your immunity. These are the most effective natural antibiotics. foods support Allicin, which contains the sulfur, will improve your body’s health. A 2020 study found that garlic, a functional food has the ability to increase the immune system’s resistance to viral infections. Infections Having Antiviral properties. We add a clove garlic to each dish. 🙂

Drink plenty of water

Additionally, with cooler weather, our thirst levels decrease. Winter months are markedly less water-intensive because we don’t feel thirsty. You should therefore Pay attention Reduce your water intake during these periods and hot seasons. Dehydration can increase your vulnerability to disease.


Regular and moderate exercise Your immune system is constantly renewed. This means that you will be more durableA more resilient metabolism. For your health, take time to do activities like jogging, cycling, or brisk walking. Both your physical and mental health can be restored. Soul and body.