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What isn’t forgiveness?

Sometimes, we are more hurt than we think in our relationships with family, friends, and romantic partners. These wounds can have both short-term and long-term consequences. It is possible to delay the process of forgiveness if we haven’t spoken with the person or persons responsible for this heartbreak, or if they have not offered an apology. What does forgiveness actually entail? What does it really mean to forgive someone else? If someone is dismissed, should we think about the hurts that were inflicted on them in the past? Or continue to live with the scars?

Forgiveness is more common than you might think. It is a process, not a one-time event. Forgiveness This is letting go all negative feelings and vengeance. The person performing the act of forgiveness is the one who does it. It’s a completely personal decision. There are no rules for how you should forgive or show forgiveness. The same applies if you are told by the other person that he forgives but doesn’t want to Keep the relationship going As it is If he loses trust in you or doesn’t recall what happened, it does not mean he is bitter. It shows instead that forgiveness is an individual process. Different forms of forgiveness are available to everyone. 

How can we know what forgiveness is? Not?

Forgiveness doesn’t change the past. It does not erase what has happened.

Forgiving someone does NOT mean that everything from the past has been forgotten. Forgiveness is not a change in the past. All these injustices and wounds were not in vain. means. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean you have to end your relationship. As if nothing had ever happened. You can remove the person from your life. You can decide whether to end your relationship or continue it.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting.

It is not about forgetting what happened between you two. It is possible for some feelings to not disappear immediately. Ask yourself: “I want him to forgive me, but I cannot forget what he did.” Forgiveness does not necessarily mean forgetting what you feel.

Forgiveness is not a way to forget past pain or change our emotions about it. 

Forgiving someone It’s not about pretending that the past is gone. It doesn’t forget what you’ve experienced at that moment or make your feelings irrelevant. It gives you strength and relief so that you can move on with your life. 

Forgiveness does no remove the responsibility for another person’s actions.

For forgiveness to be sincere, someone must first ask you for forgiveness. Event responsibility It was an experience. You can say, “Forgive me.” It is not an apology if someone says something but doesn’t take responsibility for his actions.

Forgiveness doesn’t erase the effects of wrongdoing, or build trust.

There are some situations that can make it impossible to forgive. These situations can lead to profound changes. If you have been cheated upon by someone, for example Talk to your partner about it, and give your opinion on the relationship. You have another chance. That doesn’t mean you need to trust your partner immediately and act as if nothing ever happened. Your trust might have been damaged or your intimacy may have diminished. You may not want to rekindle the intimacy you had with the other person even if you forgive them. This is perfectly normal. This does not mean that we must forget about someone.