We are most concerned about what we do to our skin, and what products we use to maintain healthy skin. Research is important, especially before you use a new product or cosmetic preparation with healing powers. What are we to do? collagenOne of these options that we have heard of recently is?

What is collagen?

Collagen, a protein that accounts for about one-third the protein structure in our bodies, is called Collagen. 70% of our skin’s dermis layer (the middle layer) is made up of collagen. It also contains elastin which gives skin elasticity. The protein is found in muscles, bones and skin. It also plays a crucial role in connecting tissues. Collagen is the glue that holds all of these tissues together.

What kind of collagen can we find in our skin?

There are 16 There are many types of collagen found in the body. Type 1 collagen can be found in the skinType 2 collagen can be found in the joints, bones, and tendon; type 3 collagen can be found in our skin, muscles and vessels; and type 4 collagen can be found in our connective tissues. Our collagen requirements are short. Type is skin 1. And order 3.

What is collagen’s importance for skin health? What are the uses of collagen supplements?

As we age, our skin’s collagen levels begin to decline. If it starts to fall, we have problems. As wrinkles and sagging For example, skin aging. Collagen is essential, especially after the age of 35 when collagen levels start to decline rapidly. Help us to preserve our skin To the next generations, a little better & healthier.

Collagen does everything possible to help the Health of our skin. It helps increase skin elasticity, heals skin imperfections, and gives skin a radiant, smooth appearance. It is crucial Our wrinkle problems can be reducedIt is one of the most important signs and symptoms of aging. It doesn’t upset or spare us from its. Promotes nail and hair health. It also dramatically alters the healing of our skin’s wounds. It brings us beauty. We can also say that collagen, which is consumed in a certain quantity, is beneficial. Every dayIt is a type of ‘youth elixir’ We can all stay young.

Natural collagen-rich foods

In this instance, I recommend some natural collagen sources you should be consuming regularly.

• As the food source I will mention in the first place, Bone broth This is a good source of collagen and contains essential amino acids such as proline, Glycine, and Argonine.

• The egg Consuming sufficient amounts of white part amino acids daily will give excellent collagen support.

• Another critical factor in collagen production is sufficient vitamin C Consumption of collagen. This is why: The spinach and other dark green leafy vegetables We will be grateful for the food you give us.

• One of the foods that support collagen Production and growth Foods high in vitamin A can increase the collagen content. So foods like Melons, raw carrots and boiled potatoes Vitamin A is an essential ingredient for collagen support.

• Some fruits are skin-friendly, thanks to the collagen they contain or because they support collagen production. Some fruits such as Blackberries, raspberries and citrus fruits as well as tomatoes, peaches, lemons, and blackberries. Increase collagen production.

• Fish and fish Oil is an essential There are many sources of collagen we must not overlook.

Don’t forget to Natural collagen is a good option to keep our skin healthy As it should in our older years. Do these things while you are doing them.