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What is Self Image? Change Your View of yourself in 4 Steps

We all look at ourselves from different angles. Some are self-confident, celebrating their talents and achievements to the fullest; some are less self-confident than others, unsure of their abilities, and underestimate their achievements. When someone looks in the mirror, they see a magnificent body, expressive eyes, or a heartfelt smile; some have sad expressions, thick legs, and wrinkles on the skin. All of these intertwined factors that make up how we see ourselves form what is called self-image. Our self-image; is our point of view towards ourselves, which is a blend of cultural level, charm, talents, kindness, and many other qualities.

Let’s look at how we can improve our self-image for a happier, more fulfilling life!

What does self-image mean?

Simply put, it is the total of how we see ourselves internally and externally. Prof. According to the Karakaş Psychology Dictionary of Doctor Sirel Karakaş, self-image: A person’s view of himself or his sense of self. Self-image is an essential character trait that determines a person’s success in relationships and a general sense of happiness. A negative self-image leads to dysfunctions and self-destructive behaviors.

The definition above explains why our sense of self is essential, but let’s underline it a little more. Our understanding of self influences how we see ourselves, interact with others and even feel about our surroundings. Therefore, it has quite a broad impact on our lives.

A positive self-image has the ability and potential to boost our physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual health. For example, seeing yourself as an attractive, desirable, intelligent, or happy individual indicates that you create a positive image at your perceptual level. On the other hand, a negative self-image can reduce our well-being, satisfaction with life, and quality of life in each of these areas. A negative self-image means that we lag behind the ideal version of ourselves.

How do we change our self-image?

Self-image or self-image is not born with us. It is not fixed. It develops and changes as an individual grows and interacts with others.

As we develop, learn and grow certain skills and abilities, we are more likely to see ourselves as capable individuals. To give an example of our physical appearance, imagine you’ve gained a few pounds lately, and people have even said that to you in a hurtful way. The self-image you create will likely be negatively affected. Now imagine starting a healthy diet, exercising, and getting into the best physical shape of your life! You can see how it changes. If that’s not good news, what is? 🙂

Self-image is constantly alert and constantly evaluating our attitudes toward ourselves. As with most things we want to change in our lives, no quick fix will work for everyone and help them improve their self-image. But with a serious focus and a little work, we can change and improve how we look at ourselves! Unfortunately, such a pill has not yet been produced.

The first step is always to learn to accept and love ourselves. How Does?

You can start by listing your positive qualities and leaving them somewhere you can see them regularly. Daily, write down the traits you love in yourself with dedication: your physical characteristics, behavior patterns, emotional factors, reactions to events, and achievements. Your view of yourself will change as you focus on your positive features.

Prove to yourself that you can succeed. How Does?

Instead of wearing yourself down by setting hard-to-reach goals, you can put more reasonable goals and take smaller steps. This will help you reach goals more efficiently, achieve more goals, and therefore change your failed self-image about yourself.

Celebrate all your successes, however small. You were able to wake up this morning and go to work! We admire your will, congratulations. Today you read ten pages of a book, shower, and cook a meal. How wonderful it is to take time for yourself in this busy schedule! You don’t need anyone to approve of you, give yourself approval.

Avoid comparing yourself to others. You ask why?

Unfortunately, qiyas entered our lives at a very young age.

  • “Look how well the neighbor’s kid eats.”
  • “Look, I don’t know who did what to your hair. Everyone is talking about him at school.”
  • “Look, who’s your aunt’s daughter? I don’t know what university she won.”
  • “Look, I don’t know who got married. You stayed at home.”

We don’t believe it’s our fault that this comparison situation got into our bones; maybe we were too young then and didn’t have a choice. But right now, it’s your responsibility to continue or not. During this process, avoid comparing yourself to others’ situations, moods, financial means, or anything else. There is a saying: “You have just started the game. You cannot compare your own level 1 to someone else’s level 50.” Don’t do this to yourself.

Remember, learning to love yourself is a long process. You are a unique individual with unique strengths and weaknesses. Focus on your path.

Be careful with who you interact. You ask why?

As in the example above, your sense of self is not just what we do to ourselves that affects our image; it can also be affected by our interactions and relationships with others.

We live in a society. We can be affected by the words, behaviors, and even a look of others. That’s why it’s important who we communicate with. If you regularly interact with people who support and encourage you, great! Take care to spend time with people who will help you and with whom you feel good.

Before we finish

Your self-image is a dynamic concept. Your self-image changes as you grow, develop and invite the right people into your life. If you were to receive only one message from this chat, we would like you to receive the following as well; Your current image, mentality, and moods are not permanent.

Therefore, do not let yourself be stuck, living with a negative self-image. Now you have beautiful tools to improve your self-image!