Catharsis is a term that refers to the experience of catharsis. Moment This is emotional discharge In the psychology literature. It is a Greek translation. katharsis Psychotherapy uses it. But not all emotional discharge can be catharsis. Catharsis is characterized by strong emotions that can be felt and expressed. Catharsis has the purpose of causing some type of Positive changes in one’s personal life.

We mentioned that not all emotions can be catharsis. What is catharsis exactly? How can we tell if our emotional discharge is catharsis or not? Let’s have a look.

Catharsis in everyday life

  • “I vomited all my hatred for him and was incredibly relieved.”
  • “I’ve kept it inside for a very lengthy time, but today I shouted to the man that I was innocent.”
  • “I cried so much last night that I haven’t cried like that in a long time. I feel light as a feather.”
  • “When I hit a punching bag, I unleashed my anger on an object, providing my own personal cleansing.”

What are the circumstances that accumulate in us and lead us to this point.

Actually, catharsis is the moment when we feel closest to the zero-point. What causes this? These are the situations that accumulate in us, and what causes us to reach this point. It has become so popular to just have positive vibes and focus on feeling good all of the time in recent years. We need all emotions to live.

All emotions must be felt, including anger, hate, shame, fear, and sadness. We need to be honest with our selves. “Yes, I have experienced these and recovered.” It is essential to feel your emotions. We suppress these emotions and every event that we thought was settled becomes more intense or more destructive. We are still living under the emotions that we hide.

How can emotions be released?

The It is important to express emotions we have held onto for a period of time. This threshold can be exceeded if we cannot express our emotions in a constructive, timely way. Feeling of lightness and ease This explosion can cause relaxation. It is essential for our advancement, but it It has a short-term impact. It is important to remember that this explosion could cause serious damage. Uncontrollable events can occur, but their devastating effects on us will remain in our short-term negative. .

If catharsis does not work long-term, then what can we do to foster healthy emotional communication?

We must allow ourselves the time to learn more about our lives, the events around us and the people we meet. A diary is a great way to look at what has happened and reflect on it.

This journal will allow you to be honest about how you feel, what makes them go crazy, and when it is the most intense. You must be open to all feelings. How intense was the feeling of happiness and when did it occur? Find the root cause of your happiness. Why do I feel happy? Do I see value in my life? So do I have a concern about my self-worth?

What What skills do you require to be successful? How to combat or avoid triggers that can drive you to intense emotions? These are the actions to take. Understanding the root Problem causes It should be addressed. Ho’ponopono technique As an auxiliary technique, it can help to identify the root cause.

But, if you Continue to feel your emotions If you feel very intense, it is a good idea to seek therapy or counselling. This will help you feel more secure and controlled.

Combining various techniques (ho’ponopono and learning life lessons, anchor, etc.) can help you to get rid of suppressed emotions. can cause a qualitative change in our lives. It is important to remember that Live by embracing every emotion, regardless of whether it is positive or negative.