There are times when it is impossible to feel satisfied without having dessert every day. Your body doesn’t send a signal to your brain that you are full after eating a meal. It is impossible to sleep at night without having chocolate. Many of us want to get rid of the dessert crunch. Not only can sweet cravings affect your fitness, but they can also signal a serious health problem. Let’s take a look at the Possible causes Sugar cravings and how you can deal with them

What causes sweet cravings?

There are many reasons sweet cravings can occur. First, sweet cravings can be caused by a number of factors. Created your taste How to eat This is how it works. In this instance, Psychologically Sweets are believed to make you happy. The pancreas may release insulin uncontrollably, which could be another possibility. You can overcome sweet cravings by resolving all three of these situations.

You may experience a persistent need to eat sweets and difficulty concentrating on hunger. Insulin metabolism disorder. For this situation, it is not sufficient to just look at fasting glucose. Both insulin and glucose metabolism should be assessed together. This may be the reason why some people are overweight. This means that the food you eat is not being used for energy and is stored in fat. If you notice fat in your abdomen or are overweight, consult an endocrinology specialist.

What are our options for dealing with sweet crunchiness?

To The constant urge to eat is a constant challenge. Sweets aside, it is important to alter the diet along with medical evaluations and measurements. Let’s take a look at the key ingredients to solving the sweet crisis.


Reduce the amount of food Consumption of the main meals. Add three snacks to the main three meals. Maximum of Three hours There is a difference between snack and main meals. If you fast for too long, your blood sugar will drop and your sweet cravings will increase. It is possible to maintain a healthy blood sugar balance by eating little and often.

Change from simple carbohydrates, to complex carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates can cause blood sugar to spike more quickly or drop suddenly. Complex carbohydrates, on the other hand, are slower to enter the bloodstream, increase blood sugar slowly, and maintain it at the same level over time. Complex carbohydrates are therefore the best choice. Bulgur, wholemeal bread, dried legumes, and wholemeal bread are the best examples of complex carbs. These foods rich in protein are more beneficial for blood sugar.

Fiber (Dietary fibre)

Many benefits can be attributed to fiber, or dietary fibre. Fiber delays gastric emptying which allows us to feel fuller for longer periods of time and sugar can pass into our blood more slowly. It prevents blood sugar from rising suddenly and helps to maintain it for a longer time. Reactive hypoglycemia sufferers will also benefit from this.

Don’t eat fruit if you aren’t full.

Do not eat fruits if you have prediabetes/diabetes. Make sure you add protein to any fruit that you eat. Protein slows down sugar absorption.

You should also follow the same steps if you plan to drink alcohol. You should never drink alcohol if you don’t feel like it. If you do, make sure to eat some protein. It should be included in foods such as yogurt, Iran, milk, and fruits. You can also choose hazelnuts for protein.

It is possible to avoid sweet crises. managing our diet correctly. The good news is that sweets are not something you should eat for long periods of time.