Everybody has a dream home, with some having pink shutters and others large or small. This article will discuss the Tiny House (micro-house). The trend, its origin point and the impact it has on our lives.

From where did this current originate?

The idea of a tiny home It has America was founded by people who wanted to live independently and not to purchase expensive homes or pay off life debts. This idea has the most important characteristic It is to live a simple lifestyle by meeting the basic shelter needs. A tiny house, whose inhabitants are Original starting point A caravan is the preferred choice for people who don’t travel as often as a caravan but want to live in a small space.

Tiny Houses offer a more comfortable way to travel than traditional tents or caravans. They also have outstanding features like robust materials and technological equipment. Tiny houses are custom-designed for each individual’s needs and can be found in sizes between 15 and 60m2 with one room, open kitchen and bedroom and a bathroom.

Tiny House Construction: Things to Consider

Many materials (composite and steel, among others) can be used in the construction of Tiny Houses. Tiny Houses can also be built from other materials, such as composite, wood and steel. However, we recommend that Tiny Houses be built with a wood reinforced steel structure. The exterior “thermowood wood”Aluminum joinery, oven-painted sheet metal, and aluminum joinery. If Marin Plywood Coating is desired for the interior, to make it more water-resistant and provide better insulation, you’ll be thrilled with the final result.

For heat insulation, “rock wool” can be as cost-effective and efficient as possible. This isolation system has the best fire resistance. Tiny House projects should also consider whether you plan to move your Tiny House. You should choose light materials if you are planning to move and build your home. It is important that your structure remains stable. You can make it stronger by using heavier materials and placing it onto a solid base.

Ideas for decoration

Let’s move on to the practical details. Decorate your “Dream House”.“From the inside! You will find your essential features complementing you Tiny House must-haves are decor and Your patio. You can enjoy the veranda from your patio. Spend time On hot summer evenings and days, you can relax in the open field. You can host barbecue parties in comfort and invite your friends to this area. With construction pallets, you can create a garden seating group. DIY projects You and your guests will be able to relax on your patio. You will be able to establish your Dream House which you touched during its construction, in addition to a cost-saving advantage.

If you have at least 20m2 of space in your home, you will be able to create a small living, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. You can save space by creating a mezzanine for your bedroom and using a ladder to climb it.

Your kitchen is your second most important space. Space is separated from your living space and open. Space, with an American bar that will allow you to eat in more space and increases your storage without the need for an additional table. Pay attention The sofa can be used as a storage area and can also be used to accommodate guests.

You will need to consider technical issues in the toilet and bathroom sections (clean and dirty water and compost toilet bowl), as well as aesthetics.You need to consider which side is more. You must make sure that the toilet side is at least one-third of your bathroom space. You will also have a relaxing and comfortable bathroom. You can choose to keep the shower area smaller while allowing for storage. You can design the layout you desire once you have established your preferences. Your creativity is the only limitation! Decide your priorities for your Tiny. The design of your house will be significantly improved by using these projects emergence.

Indispensable: Being self-sufficient

Let’s discuss independence a bit more. “What does this mean?” We understand what you’re saying. Building Tiny Houses is not the only thing. Remember that Tiny Houses should have a veranda with high, expansive windows and self-sufficiency. You will ultimately need to provide energy, water, and fuel for this space. You may not have access to them all the time, or they might be difficult to find. It is important to arrange the electricity with solar panels, and the freshwater system in a way that it can be used again to water your gardens. This will allow us to both have a sustainable greenhouse and leave less. Carbon footprint.