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Three Tips from the Expert for Quality Sleep in Social Isolation

Individuals who live a normal life can expect night and day rhythms that change with sleep hours. It is also normal for anxiety to affect sleep patterns. You also feel like your weekends and weekdays are starting to blend these days, even though you still live in isolation. It is well-known that regular and quality sleep can improve our immune system and reduce stress. But how can we do this?

Renowned Neuroscientist Nicole Avena shared Tips for getting a good night of sleepIt is possible, even though it might seem impossible at times. Let’s take an in-depth look together!

Stick to a consistent schedule

If you are not currently Work from homeThis system could save you time. Don’t create this perception. Wake up whenever you are most likely to have to. The Increasing timeYou can have breakfast, exercise and meditation, then get up and go to work.

A specific Morning routine This will improve productivity and allow you to fall asleep at a reasonable hour. Your alarms should go off for 7 hours. Do not fall asleep.

Relaxing nighttime routine

Relax your body and take the first step towards falling asleep. To do this, make sure to turn off all personal electronic devices, such as our mobile phones and computers, at least 30 minutes before we go to sleep. We are constantly exposed to worrying news. Social media These days. These news stories can cause anxiety and make it more difficult to fall asleep.

Dr. Nicole Avena recommends a warm shower prior to taking a bath. Quality will be improved by getting enough sleep and keeping our feet heated to maintain our body temperature balance following a storm. sleep.

You can also think about what you did during the day and then go to bed. If you don’t want to think about it, make a list of unfinished tasks for the next day. You can also free your computer. To disconnect your thoughts from your body is to fall asleep to the sounds The beauty of nature

Before you go to bed, avoid heavy, fatty and sugary foods

Dr. Avena believes that you can make the most of your time at home by cooking. However, He states that it is difficult to fall asleep if you consume too much sugar in the evening. Although alcohol consumption is believed to aid in sleep loss, it can also be a great alternative to relaxation. However, it shouldn’t be forgotten that alcohol will cause you to feel more awake. Feel tired the day after you wake up.

Eat if you feel hungry in the evening. Certain foods contain magnesium. For example, green leafy vegetables, legumes, dark chocolate… You can relax by drinking lavender or chamomile tea instead of coffee if these times occur.