You may find yourself saying to him from time to time that you love him but that he doesn’t love me.”, “He doesn’t understand my love.”, “I don’t feel loved.” You’ve complained. If your partner has a different love language, it could mean that your actions don’t matter to them.

The language of love is how we communicate and understand our feelings. However, each person’s way of showing and understanding love is different. You may feel like you don’t understand or are loved if you do not use the same love language with your partner. Once the natural flow of love has ended, and you are free to fall from the clouds, then you’re ready for the next phase. Expect love and attention from your partner. It is important to Understand our love language and that of our partner.

Which is your partner’s preferred love language?

By reading love languagesYou can learn to understand the love language of your partner and yourself. Gary Chapman’s book, “The Five Love Languages”, offers a test to help you determine your love language. The There are many ways to express your feelings. Love is many and every person is unique. Gary Chapman however divides expressions into five categories.

Let’s look at different love languages. It is important to express your love to your partner using their language and not yours.

Affirming words

People perceive love by the way they express their love using affirming words. For example, words expressing your love, compliments, words of encouragement, expressions of appreciation…

Knowing what is important to your partner would be helpful. You can write notes to your partner if your love language is affirmative words. Encouragement will come from your voice and the expression of your love.

Quality time spent

People find that they feel loved when they have a partner. Quality time with partner They will be there for you. Someone who can see love through Spending time It is important to be present for him and your partner. It is possible to do quality activities together, and have great conversations. You can do any activity you or your partner are interested in, but keep your eyes on one another. This is a great way to bond with your partner. This is how you can create. Good memories are made together. You can also have a conversation eye-to-eye with your partner, without addressing any other issues, and focus on the content.

If your partner is a lover of quality time, Try telling Talk to each other about your childhood and future plans. Go for a walk together.

Give a gift

Gifts can be seen as a symbol of love for some people. Gifts are a way for people to feel loved. A gift can be a thoughtful gesture to show someone you care. Gifts are not about money, but thoughtfulness.

Buy or prepare language gifts if your partner is a lover of them. Gifts that are meaningful for everyday life or special occasions. You can gift handmade gifts to your partner. Read and buy a book on the subject. It together, or get flowers for him.

Service actions

Some people Pay attention Not to gifts or words, but to actions. If your partner is a lover who acts out of love, you can ask them for a list. You can then choose what you would like to do from that list. You can also make your partner feel special. Feel loved when you help or reduce Their burden in everyday chores and complex issues. You can prepare meals for him.

Physical contact

In a relationship, it is important to show affection. People show their love by making physical contact. It is important to remember the importance of People need to know this: To touch someone who feels love through physical contact, you should show compassion. If your partner is a lover of physical contact, you can try holding his hand as you walk, hugging him on the sofa, and kissing him more often.