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The Zeigarnik Effect – Why Do We Remember the Incomplete?

Are you frustrated that you cannot get rid of the unfinished projects in your head? An incomplete movie, an unfinished meal, unfinished love… Does all this occupy your mind more than anything else? The The Zeigarnik Effect is a concept that makes anything unfinished look so attractive.

What is the Zeigarnik Effect?

Bluma Zeigarnik was a Soviet psychiatrist and psychologist who introduced the Zeigarnik Effect. In 1920, a group of psychologists went to Berlin’s University of Berlin restaurant for dinner. The group ordered from one waiter, who took the order but did not record nor take notes. This intrigues one psychologist (Bluma Zigarnik), and causes him to return to the restaurant to inquire how the waiter remembers so many orders. The waiter explains to the man that he kept the charges in his head and erased them after he served the food.

Zeigarnik is now conducting various research and experiments as a result. These states The mind is always at work on unfinished tasks. Once these works have been completed, our preoccupation with them will cease. (Zeigarnik, 1927).

What does the Zeigarnik Effect mean for our lives?

The Zeigarnik Effect is often a part of our lives. Romantic relationships. Your relationship with someone you were involved in a relationship or in the dating stage ended in a way beyond your control. Our Your mind will always remind you of what you want to say Whether we like it or not, we can do what we want together, but we don’t have the means to make it happen. It will make us feel like there is no stopping. If this continues, you will eventually become insensitive if the concept of time is in play.

Movies, unfinished movies, words and assignments, along with desserts that we cannot wait to get another fork, are all very difficult to forget.

Take, for example: People who have traveled abroad and had to return often speak of that country. Education life is another example. The most common period that people mention is high school. High school is the end of high school. This is due to the fact that their high school years are still fresh in their minds. Another common situation that we encounter every day in our lives is Is that the? episodes of the series are finished in the most exciting places: “To be continued….” The series stimulates curiosity in the viewers and encourages them to continue watching the next episode.

By volunteering to Solve the problem You can make it easier to deal with anxiety and failure in your life by completing incomplete tasks, ending sentences, or saying goodbye. This will allow you to be more resilient emotionally and mentally.