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The Secret Boss Ruling Our Lives: Our Habits!

Our habits rule our lives!

We spend a day repeating the same habits from the moment we get out of bed until we return to bed. Without even realizing it, we surrender our daily life, routine, and way of thinking to our habits. Let me unpack a little more.

Why do you sit in the same chair at the dinner table every night?

Why do you repeat the same routine when you wake up?

Why do you sleep the same way at night? Or do you sleep on the same side of the bed?

Many of us will say this: “It’s a habit” That is Very accurate!

Because you’re used to it, while our habits govern about 95% of our lives, we do it consciously, thinking only about 5% of our actions. Neale Martin says that the exception is when one decides with one’s mind. People make decisions in cause-effect relationships such as “problem-solution” or “distress-relaxation” by using shortcuts without thinking.

People like familiar things. Strange things are scary for him.

According to a story, a king with a highly developed sense of humor puts people in an arena and says: “You have two options; one is to face this very ferocious lion, which will most likely kill you. The second is to encounter the one behind the black door you see. You will be able to find out what is behind the black door after you choose it.” Everyone in the arena chose to face the lion. And yes, you guessed it right, there was nothing but freedom behind the black door.

Man is so afraid of the unknown that his habits are his comfort zone, and life is safe when he stays in his comfort zone. Let’s put this situation briefly: What we practice constantly becomes our life.

This is excellent news. Because in this direction, we can change our lives as we want by consciously forming our habits. So how?

First, you need to identify your habits.

What habits rule your life? Which ones serve you, and which ones don’t?

Remember, The universe doesn’t like space! What can you replace your habits that don’t serve you? Not drinking water is a habit, and So does drinking a lot. You will make a choice.

Think about the things you wish to have in your life; What habits do you have, and can you acquire them after a while?

You want to be successful in your dream job; What habits make this wish come true? Waking up early in the morning? Working regularly for a particular hour a day? Or maybe being a calmer person can help you? Whatever it is, start practicing it; until it becomes a habit.

Remember that habits are not just about actions.

Our way of thinking is also a habit, and what we think has the power to create. You cannot make the positive by constantly thinking about the negative. Maybe you’re not living a fulfilling life because you’re used to thinking that way. Identify these thoughts that cross your mind and create your future without you even being aware of it. If you consciously replace them with positive reviews, you will be happy!