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The Perfectionist Trap – Discover the Lightness in Not Being Perfect

Perfect. This two-word definition may seem positive at first glance. It may sound plausible to you that perfectionionism is possible. You might be saying that this is what matters to you. Some people may think perfectionists are a positive trait. Those who strive for perfection are determined, resourceful, talented, and ambitious. Is it possible? It is not so, I think.

It is impossible to expect perfection. A naturally blonde person would like black hair naturally. It is impossible for it to happen. Why? Because no institution decides what is the best way to do it. Perfect for who, perfect for what? The definition of perfection is entirely subjective. Each person defines perfection according to his or her criteria. What happens next? When a person reaches the desired level, he expects to achieve more than himself. Their expectations increase if perfection is determined by a mother, father or lover. The impossible are achieved in the end. It’s a heavy burden!

Perfectionism is a natural state

You will be amazed at the number of people around you who are tired and have unrealistic expectations. Perhaps you are one of these people. Perfectionism can be contagious. His mother raised him with high expectations. The child, now a father, brushes his teeth again and projects his perfectionist mother’s expectations onto his children. He touches his child every time he has one. This is a constant, more contagious cycle.

So why is perfectionionism so strong? While there may be many reasons, perfectionism is the most important. A positive meaning for the individual. A person might think that his success is due to his perfectionistism. Positive perfectionism is not possible.

Why do perfectionists have such high expectations?

Perfectionism is a thought trick. A thought that tells someone that whatever they do, it must be done correctly and competently. Our thoughts may not always reflect the truth. The majority of it is made up of unrealistic ideas. Also, perfectionist expectations are not uncommon Romantic thoughts We can’t do everything perfectly. Nobody can do it. We all have the ability to stumble, make mistakes and fall. It hurts when our hand touches the stove. We won’t feel the furnace again. This is how we learn how to live. We all make mistakes, but we learn from them. We are all human. We are not robots.

Perfectionism refers to the rules that must be followed. Person sets For himself. “I must do my best in all things”, “I have the ability to do everything perfectly” and “If mistakes are made, it is a sign that I am weak and unproductive.” These thoughts trap us in our heads with the expressions and necessity we just mentioned. These rules are our own. This expectation is instilled within ourselves. We see the lightness of imperfections behind the bars of this prison of thought.

Transforming perfectionist hopes into realistic expectations

Perfection is a condition that makes life difficult. Studies have shown that perfectionists can lead to a variety of psychological disorders, such as depression and obsessive compulsive disorder. eating disordersIt is anxiety and depression. Therefore, “I am a perfectionist.” Psychological health will benefit from changing our perfectionist expectations to have reasonable expectations, rather than saying this to change the situation.

Here are some realistic options These are some thoughts to keep in mind when you have perfectionist expectations and thoughts. You can think the sentences you want to write You can print the list and place it on a piece if paper so you can see them easily.

Unrealistic thinking Realistic thinking is key
I must always do my best. I do my best. It doesn’t always have to look the best.
Either a job is done completely or not. There are many shades of life. There are also grays.
It’s my fault if I fail. If I am realistic, there are many factors affect success.
If I’m not perfect, I don’t deserve love. Love does not have to be earned, it is just a feeling that you feel.
I must be able to love myself. My success is not what defines my self-worth, but my existence.
I must do everything I do perfectly. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It is good enough, that’s my stopping point.