“I followed him as a fool.”

“I was so ignorant that I believed everything you said.”

“I waited at his front in the cold, he didn’t come.”

“I switched cities for him; I left him. I’m retarded.”

“Oh, my stupid head …”

Mixed feelings came over me while I was reading. While some say “I don’t regret” while others slam themselves to the ground, the mixed feelings came over me. Ceren last asked a question: Those who sold their books and hit the road, those who changed schools, those who gave up on themselves, those who made vital decisions…

I wanted you to have a shield around you. I felt the words you spoke to me. Sorry, I couldn’t stop writing. There is no greater enemy than man himself to the outside world. We are the most important war; we must fight for ourselves.

It makes me wonder if he would have opened the door for you, stayed with you, and kept his promises. Would you regret what you did?

How would you change your outlook? Life changes then? Let me create a happy ending for your story. Do you want to love yourself more?

“I sold all my books and moved in with him. Our bond grew stronger over time and I realized that I wasn’t alone. He became a friend to my soul. His presence was enough for me to feel calm during my most difficult times. It made me smile, and gave meaning to life. Looking into his eyes, being with him means the world, thank God….”

They lived happily ever after…

It doesn’t look like you are fighting with yourself about the happy ending. You aren’t stupid.

Look at how your attitude towards life, your beliefs, and labels can change when you are in the shoes of someone else. Next, ask yourself: Who’s the leader?

Are you sure? Are you sure?

Is the man you are waiting for in the leading role at your door? You shouldn’t mislead yourself. The one you fell in Love with and followed, who didn’t even look at your face afterwards, the one that brought rainy. You can live for days..

It has taken your energy, dreams, and even present and future. Yes, I can hear your voice. Please bring it back…

Is this love? Please tell me if there is such a thing, love!

Is love a feeling that makes me fight with my soul and rains fireballs upon the wars within me? It is a strange dream where I am unable to control my emotions and drown in regrets with unpredictable decisions.

“I gave my life for you. Is this what you gave me in return? Is it the dayless night when my dreams sink into the water and evaporate, and steam becomes a cloud that mixes with the darkness? Is love a pregnant with terrible possibilities and horrible coincidences? Or Am I Is it possible to solve the equation containing three unknowns in just one iteration Do I have to press the future with doubts and expectations from the right?

It could not be easier.

If I accept responsibility for my emotions and take control of them, why not? protect my boundaries? “Be in control, don’t let go.” I’m not saying to look. You can live as you please; I have no objections. I believe in unconditional love. Don’t expect to be rewarded for making a sacrifice. He should do the same. He should be grateful. Think about how he was a good person, and what he did for others. It is not his fault. He will not notice. Every possibility is possible if you make the right decisions. It is your responsibility to make sure it opens when the bell rings.

He didn’t even notice that you had moved to different cities. He shouldn’t look. It neither makes you a fool nor a wrong person. All people live with the consequences of their decisions. He will not love you.. Your heart should be free from “ifs.” Let him be free. You will never lose the smile that you have on your face.

Do not be foolish! You weren’t stupid, and you didn’t choose the wrong path.

There’s nothing to be ashamed about, and there are no regrets. For any sentence with the subject “O”, you did not do this. This was done for you and everything you need to thrive in your relationship. You might have been enriched by your relationship. You have discovered your needs and faced them. You didn’t know it, but your greatest craziness in love was thinking about others.