Are you a believer in eternal love? Or, do these lines remind you that all love is temporary and will end one day. Each person’s definition of love is different. One definition of love is endless love, passion, and excitement. Some of us find love in romantic places. Although love is subjective, the chemistry of it all applies. Love is a very physiological situation. How do we fall in love? Can love last a lifetime? Let’s take a look together.

What happens to our bodies if we fall in love with someone?

There are many changes that occur when we fall in love.

These examples can be multiplied. All of these are Physical symptoms.

What happens to our hormones when we fall in love with someone?

Hormones can trigger bodily symptoms. The body releases the most dopamine (and cortisol) hormones when we are in love.

Dopamine is released when:

  • Attraction is the key to our attraction to the person we fall for.
  • We want to be there for our partner.
  • It excites us just to think about it.
  • We want him to touch us when he’s with us.

Dopamine is a hormone that can be used to provide pleasure.

  • We feel constantly on edge.
  • Stress levels rise. When the hormone cortisol releases:
  • There are intense feelings of anxiety and emotional downs.

Because Cortisol is a hormone that causes stress..

Where is the hormone of love and happiness?

Serotonin is the “Serotonin” Happiness hormoneWhen we fall in love, our lowest level of hormone is. Love isn’t a peaceful and tranquil period. It is full of ups and downs that are unpredictable and exciting.

Can love last a lifetime?

This situation is not ideal because the hormones are constantly changing. If you are interested in our Continue the relationshipOur hormones will be back to normal in an average of two year. This period ends with us becoming more balanced.

The life of love can last two years, as you may have heard. It is possible to affirm this statement if we think about the relationship we call love in terms hormones. This is because hormone levels change.

What happens if love breaks down?

It does not necessarily mean the end of love. The contrary is true. Once the pet has left us, we can open our eyes and see the light again. Now, our You have the option to make more rational and solid steps..

Love doesn’t end; it just forms new forms. Love evolves into a mature version. The bond between the two is shown in this section. Partner strengthens and moves towards a balanced partnership. As we age, so does our association.

It’s now your turn: Have you ever fallen in love? Are you a mature lover? Be more aware of yourself and remain in love.