The puzzle pieces we fall on the most talk about all night and think about the most: Relationships…

It is hard to believe how many bottles of wine were combined. While dealing with men, we worked long hours. We tried to understand, but we started at the bottom. We traveled back and forth. We diverted from our original route when we said north/south. How many storms were you able to weather? We woke up smiling. We have made many memories and have learned a lot from stumbling. I can assure you that we have all been there at least once. Everything has changed since the beginning of this story, from rising sun to flowing water. It’s fascinating; the picture was never complete.

Why? Missing puzzle pieces…

We made many mistakes when we used poses and trips to find lost answers. To see if we should act like this, be like this, what to wear, or slow down, there is no disguise that we don’t use. Do we have a tendency to ignore the voice within us? What are you saying? Then, he spoke: “Be strong, stand upright.” We did not take any hairs off our noses this time. We were enveloped by spiritual loneliness. We believed that being strong meant to close our hearts. We tried, I’m sure. Could we? We couldn’t.

We just had to try to understand.

Understanding and letting go… The woman we see in the mirror first. Lovingly, embracing…

It is the most important piece of the puzzle. If it’s lost, the picture becomes incomplete and it’s impossible to see, even if the sun doesn’t rise.

The relationship’s source of problems is the wounds that the little girl hides inside her…

You will break your cycles if you wrap up those wounds and hug that girl. You will feel warm and energized. These wounds must be healed; the child should be loved. You will live a full and fulfilling life. Remind yourself of this when you face a problem in a relationship. The best thing that you can do for yourself is to get back to your true self.

Is your partner not giving you the attention you deserve? You need to get back to yourself.

Find the part that you need to pay attention and find ways to do it. There are endless possibilities in front of you as long as you want to taste life… It’s so good to live! When was the last occasion you bought flowers for yourself? You should think for three seconds before you call a florist. You are worth more than a cheerful bouquet!

Your outer world is a reflection on your inner world.

You’ll see that each piece of Your relationship will be more beautiful when you heal yourself.. It is why it is the best thing that you can do for a relationship: get back to yourself. How can one get back to himself? What happens when I Read booksMy childhood is very dear to me. My little girl inner child loves fairy tales and I share them with her. The next day, we wake up to a better world with the peace of knowing that we are loved and seen. Have fun exploring! How can you come to a consensus?

Be the person you want!

Be the person you dream of being, no matter what you do. You will receive more from the universe. Enjoy your life, and be kind to yourself. Your favorite movie is now available to watchSpread your colorful smiles around the world. You can join a dance class or have a Sunday breakfast full of laughter with your friends.