Shakti, or the center of creativity energy, is the feminine energy. It helps us get back in the flow by removing blockages. It is greatly affected by the relationship we have with the other sex. This removes the boundaries of our ego and allows us to live more fully. It should be aligned to the 6th chakra for inner balance.

Localization: The area of the body is below your navel.
In the body: All fluids: The pelvis, reproductive and urinary organs, kidneys. bladder. blood. lymph. gastric juice. sperm. ovaries. prostate glands. menstrual frequency.
Element: Water

Sacral Chakra is the center for unfiltered primal emotions and creativity.

The Sacral Chakra balances.We are in the natural flow and rhythm of life. We can be open to the other side of sex and we act naturally. We feel sex naturally when we are with the person we love. This allows masculine and feminine energies, as well as our inner wholeness, to be embraced and gradually reached. We feel the creative life energy Our body, mind, spirit and soul are filled with joy and we feel it. Life is full of excitement, enthusiasm, sincere feelings, and creative actions. Not only can we rejuvenate our own lives, we also enrich the lives and lives of others.

Balanced: Creativity, creativity, and excitement in every moment. experiencing sexuality Feel free, full of feminine energy

When It works great! Balance: When the Sacral Chakra is activated is out-of-balance (starts in puberty), we reject and deny the natural order of things, and therefore cannot live naturally. We underestimate the innocence and beauty of nature. Expressions of emotions In nature. It is possible to suppress sexual desires, or create completely new fantasies. We lose our passion for the miracles and joys of life because the masculine and feminine energies can’t integrate.

When trying to find balance, there is a shadow side. Guilt can be taken to extremes

When The Sacral Chakra is not working properly, causing suppression of touch, caressing and compassion, as well as love and compassion. Blockage of sexual energies, lack self-confidence, emotional paralysis and frigidity are all symptoms. We perceive life as dull and devalue it.

If you work poorly, there is always the shadow side. Emotional paralysis, low self-confidence and joylessness. Infertility, troubled menstruation and infertility, kidney, bladder, prostate, ovarian, hormonal, and other problems

Methods for Revitalizing and Balancing the Sacral Chakra

Nature Therapy

The second chakra is activated by touching or watching the moonlight, and clear water in the countryside. The full moon can brighten your emotions, and you can receive messages from your dream or visions. Sitting still and watching natural, clean waters, or even taking a few sip of water from the spring can help you purify and cleanse your soul. The life force that is within us can flow unhindered once again. You can make a profound impact on the second Chakra by combining moonlight viewing with water contact.

Sound Therapy

Music: Music that is carefree and joyful can stimulate the second chakra. Folk dances and partner dancing are examples of this type. Even though these are not the only options, any music can be used to stimulate your emotions.
To calm the coccyx chakra energies To restore order and hear birdsong, run water or the gentle melody of small fountains, you can also listen to their songs.

Voice: The closed sound ‘ou’ (as in ‘cold”) activates the coccyx. It must be spoken from Re. The “son sound” starts a circle motion. When the sound ends, the “u” sounds, it triggers emotion and brings about a state where Yin/Yang interacts to create a harmonious whole.

“Oh!” is the most common language. The exclamation mark denotes surprise. The “son”, or the voice of the father, is the one that inspires the ability to marvel and be amazed at the wonders of Creation.



Color Therapy

According to AyurvedaOrange is the inner color water. The second chakra is stimulated by the light orange (orangish) color. The Orange provides us with a refreshing and regenerating source of energy.. It will help you get. Eliminate your rigid emotional patterns patterns. It boosts self-confidence and increases the joy we experience from bodily pleasures.

Gemstone Therapy

Carmel: Carnel (reddish-agate) is a way to connect with the world’s creativity and beauty. It helps you live in the now. Concentration power increases You are the best version of yourself. Reveal the wonder of creation and allow the life force to flow back, rejuvenating our creative muscles.

Moonstone: Moonstone can help you access your emotional richness. Moonstone helps you connect with your wonderful, sensitive and receptive sides. It also allows you to integrate these aspects with your personality. It This will stop you being afraid of your emotions This has an adaptive impact on your emotional balance. It clears blocked lymph nodes. It balances the hormone levels in women.


Ylang-Ylang: This delicate oil, which is derived from the flowers of ylang-ylang trees, is one of the most well-known aphrodisiacs. It is a renowned aphrodisiac. Relaxing effect It also helps you to be aware of your body’s mysterious senses. Its sweet aroma makes you feel relaxed and encourages your emotions to flow. This scent can dispel any turbulent or blocked emotions and drive them away.

Sandalwood: Sandalwood oil is used in the Far East to boost productivity. Intimacy and sexual energy It can be used to reach spiritual levels. It It stimulates imagination and creates joy in being creative active. Sandalwood oil’s vibrations unite spiritual points on all levels of thinking, feeling and acting.

Affirmations to Heal Sacral Chakra

  • I am feeling.
  • I accept my creativity.
  • I am happy and full of joy in life.
  • My creativity is used in all aspects of my life.
  • I love and accept me as I am.
  • I recognize the inherent freedom of my sexuality, and that it is harmless.
  • I feel confident and my self-confidence grows every day.
  • I know touching is a sign to love.