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Relaxing Noise: What is White Noise? What are the Benefits?

White noise has been used for years to help people relax and sleep. Here’s what you need to know about white noise that can help you sleep and daily life.

What is white noise (white noise)?

White noise is the combination of all sounds that the human ear can hear. It consists of an equal distribution of all frequencies. White noise produces a fuzzy (vague, vague) sound.

Hearing expert Au Anna C. Cosgrove says that white noise “occurs when all the sounds you can hear start simultaneously. Like white noise, there are other noises based on different sound frequencies, named by colors like blue, pink, and brown.

Everyone’s reaction to white noise can be different. Some people may find white noise fine, while others may find it more comfortable with a separate audio frequency.

Let’s look at the effects of white noise on the body…

It helps you fall asleep.

The effects of white noise on sleep have been extensively studied. Clinical psychologist Alicia H Clark explains, “Even if it sounds meaningless, the sounds we hear at night can affect our sleep cycles.” says.

In the Journal of Caring Sciences, he studied the sleep patterns of hospitalized people. The researchers discovered that the white noise sleepers had no change in the average amount of sleep they got a night, while the average sleep time of the control group who did not sleep with the white noise dropped from about seven hours to less than five hours.

Another, published in the journal Sleep, found that when people were helped by white noise, they fell asleep an average of 40% faster than the environmental noise they were exposed to during the day.

It has also been stated that white noise is more effective at falling asleep than any other natural sound.

May alleviate anxiety

While anxiety can arise for many reasons, it can also be triggered by unpredictable sounds. Regardless of your attitude, addressing the worry rather than doing something about it helps to reduce it. One of the most effective ways to combat anxiety is to take control. With white noise, you can keep your stress under control.

Just like relaxation exercises, meditating, being in a happy place, or taking deep breaths, you can use white noise to calm down.

A study published in the Journal of Nursing Research examines the behavior of 63 dementia patients under the influence of white noise. (Dementia: A condition in which the disease weakens mental abilities. The most common is Alzheimer’s disease, of which at least half suffer.) The study found that those under the influence of white noise were “significantly” less anxious than those unaffected by white noise.

It helps you focus better.

White noise can also help you while working as it suppresses other sounds. A study published in Scientific Reports followed 80 adults trying to learn 20 new object names. While half of the participants listened to white noise during the learning stages, half tried to learn silently. The researchers found that the white noise group was better at remembering the names of objects compared to the other group.

Helps reduce tinnitus

Tinnitus is a common condition that causes a buzzing sound. When the brain cannot hear sounds, it opens the channels that cause sound to be heard, which causes it to announce its neural noise in the form of a hum. White noise can help reduce tinnitus if resting when this happens. The presence of white noise allows the brain to listen to white noise instead of neural noise.

It helps babies sleep more comfortably.

It can be challenging for babies to sleep, even under the best of conditions, but it has been found that white noise can help. One study analyzed two groups of 20 infants aged 2 to 7 days. While 80% of babies in the white noise group fell asleep within five minutes, only 25% of babies without white noise fell asleep during that time.

A statement was also made that it prevents noises that may disrupt the baby’s sleep, such as the speech of a sibling or parent at home. It is a soothing sound for the baby and is also essential as it suppresses other sounds.

When white noise is played to babies, the volume of the sound is essential. It is recommended that parents move the device to be played more than 200 centimeters while the baby is sleeping and lower the volume to protect their baby’s hearing.

Would you like to try white noise yourself?

Our recommendation is; Listen by keeping the volume under control. You don’t need to listen to uncomfortably loud; Just enough to be audible.