Why is it that some people are happier than other people? This question was answered in many articles, research and films I watched on happiness. This is because happiness is subjective and each person’s view of happiness can be different. This question can be answered in general terms.

Are you You can be satisfied with your lifestyle? How many points would you assign your current situation if you could give it a score between 1-10? We can gain insights into our perspectives on happiness or infer the essence of “happiness”, which differs from person-to-person.

These are the concepts that the Japanese call ‘ikigai’, The Danes Hygee’The Swedes. Lagom’, And the Norwegians’ Koselig’These are all about happiness. We will likely experience a harsher winter than previous ones, especially when we consider the restrictions and measures taken Coronavirus adds to seasonal pessimismsm and depression Winter months are the most difficult.

Let’s have a closer look at Koselig, the definition for warmth and peace.

Let’s then get to grips with the idea of Koselig, and see if we can find a way to get through winter better. Koselig is the positive perspective that the Norwegian people have developed against the darkness, gloom and despair of the world. Winter season. This is not the exact translation.This encompasses the concepts of creating light, warmth, peace and contentment. It can be translated into Turkish to mean sharing and safe coexistence.

Yale University’s study found that it is. Holding a hot beverage is a good idea. Stimulates emotions Warm light (lighting candles or a fire) can increase generosity and compassion. Looking at the fire also helps to relax. Experts today claim that staying away for long periods of time from technology calms down and lowers cortisol levels. It is not wrong to say that Nature walks that are long and open to the air. They are also good for seasonal mood disorders.

The Danes view loneliness and isolation as the most important aspects of Hygee. However, Koselig places togetherness at the center of Hygee. Secure, shared community. It expresses a home, conversation, a cup of coffee, and a sense of well-being, warmth, trust, and security. Both movements require blankets, candles, and fireplaces. One is lonely, the other is sharing.

This is how we can incorporate it into our pandemic-free winter.

It is important to develop a common theory of comfort that includes connecting with others. Spending time Nature.

You can arrange, for example. An “online” A coffee meeting with a friend is a great way to make new friends a Koselig effect. This is their primary goal: to feel their intimacy, and bond. You can capture the atmosphere by sipping hot chocolate made from scratch with candles. This is the joy that comes from being part of a holistic environment that goes beyond your own comfortable environment. A thing you make yourself can’t be Koselig.