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Mindfulness Exercises to Give a Different View to Our Routines

For over a year, we have lived in isolation. We miss being outdoors, drinking coffee, hugging our loved one to the fullest, and so many other things. Although it seemed like a relief at first, this social isolation became more annoying and took over our lives every day.

Some are easy to implement Mindfulness practices To You can reduce the feeling deprivation caused when we are unable to use our senses such as sight, hearing and taste.This psychological effect can be prevented by learning to see the light at end of the tunnel.

These mindfulness practices are what you need to do.

Awareness is defined as Concentrating our attention on the current events, including Focus on the Acceptance of what is happening in the moment, without judgement.

“Conscious Awareness” has three essential stages: Attention, Intention, and Attitude. It is not only about staying present but also about how. We face We are what we experience. Being conscious includes being aware of human perception, reason, love, and other aspects.

  • Attention: Paying attention to what you are doing. It’s similar to focusing on the Book if you’re reading If we are cooking, we can read a book or focus on the food.
  • Intention: We must choose our actions in this practice where attention alone is not enough. What’s my intention while I read this book? What are my goals? What do I want?
  • Attitude: Be aware of how we react to current events.

It is a great source of motivation to realize that each moment is unique and offers new opportunities. This can be experienced through an exercise.

Olive Exercise

All we have is two olives!

  1. As if you were a new person, take the first olive and rediscover its beauty.
  2. Close your eyes and feel. Feel its texture, shape and softness.
  3. Then, smell it. Compare both your senses of smell. What did you smell?
  4. Open your eyes and take a closer look at the olive. Pay attention to its color and brightness. Bring it up to the light.
  5. This procedure can be used with both ears. Now, place it in your ear and gently press it. Listen to the sound and notice it. Are you hearing the same sounds?
  6. Put it in your mouth, and then take a slow, gentle bite. You will enjoy the taste. Feel the olive on your tongue. Start to taste the difference and then chew slowly.
  7. Allow it to pass your throat. What if you could focus on the emotion it produces in you?
  8. Take the second olive, and then eat it like normal.
  9. Finally, think about the experience you had while eating these two olives…

It is easier to do something that we are comfortable with. Every day As if this were our first experience, we observe that each of us is unique. They may appear the same. Each experience is unique. The background to this exercise can be expressed as follows: Every time you take the initiative to begin an action, your perception of the event will change.

This is just one example of many actions we do every day without realizing it. What other option is there in the midst of all the chaos? How many emotions can we unconsciously consume when we live haphazardly?

This virus could have reminded us to slow down, to stop and think, to be more aware. It could have given us pause, because it was our turn. The soul couldn’t keep up with the body In the hustle and bustle life?