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Let’s get to know the Energy of Abundance: The Relationship Between Abundance And Guilt

Money is often the first thing we think of when we think abundance. However, the abundance reflections of nature bring happiness and gratitude to all fields. We can see that abundance is also energy-dependent when we think that all of the universe’s functioning systems are energy.

It is possible to associate abundance consciousness with only money, which can restrict and superficialize abundance energy. If you are unable to feel love and satisfaction in all aspects of your life, then the perception of wealth can be reduced to only money. Appendix can also be considered a muscle. The lack of love or contact can make it more difficult to feel secure. The comfort of having a lot of money can be a great way to provide security. It seems to be able to solve all problems. People want to love. They seek intimacy and contact. Abundance will follow. Energy is more if the abundance seeker places emphasis on what they feel lacking or hurt in their lives.

Emotions can be described as experiences. They allow us to experience rich experiences both in our environment and within ourselves. Emotions are just like everything else. Frequency and vibrations. A vibration can make guilt a low vibration. Shame is a sad emotion.

While extinction is the universal equivalent of shame, guilt can be expressed as an energy feeling of insecurity and punishment.

Guilt does not have to be directed at yourself. If you blame the outside, Your body still carries the responsibility. Your responsibility is directed outward, even though there is no me/you anywhere in the universe. Your energy level is affected by every accusation. What is the main reason that abundance and guilt repel one another so strongly? From afar, they are the opposite of each other in the universe: Fear and Love.

This is the basis for the law of resonance.

Guilt is the universal desire of punishment and is connected to hunger. Too much time in this emotion can cause congestion and constraints in the law of attraction. energy body. You can think of yourself as a magnet. What can you attract when you feel so guilty? Feelings that you are being punished…

“I am open to criticism and very critical of myself!”

All of us remember the popular attitude in Turkey for a period: “Oh! I’m very critical about myself; I’m open-minded to criticism.” The Unfortunately, the law of attraction does not recognize energy of criticism. To attract more comfort into our lives, it is important to get rid of this energy immediately.. You can feel a blockage to abundance in your life by releasing the low-vibration emotions that you have been holding in your mind-body. years. You don’t create. Purification and simplicity at quantum level. There is no place where you can attract the energy field your desires. To carry guilt, rejection, guilt and shame takes a lot more energy. It is possible to be compassionate towards yourself and others, which will help you attract abundance.

Are you open to social interaction?

The seed of man is born from love. Separating, isolating and being yourself can be one of the most important elements to separate you from the rest. Consciousness of abundance. “I don’t have any ties to anyone; I want to be safe. I don’t need anyone anymore. To stay in your mentality can cause scarcity, and life will inevitably create fiction that will help to reconcile you with the problems you avoid most.

To avoid your fears facing, you’ll be holding on to wealth. You’ll then alienate abundance from yourself. In order to experience the flow of life, you’ll need to let go of all emotions that you have held onto. This system requires us to forgive in order to be liberated. It is impossible to feel lighter when we carry our burdens. It’s almost impossible to feel abundant and light. Remember that we are not to be blamed or punished by any system. We are the judge and the perpetrator.

The most One of the most basic ways to regain power is to be more open to seeing ourselves in an objective, non-judgmental space.It doesn’t matter what. Keep your frequency in gratitude and remember what you have. This will bring you closer to the vibration of abundance and creation. You will be able to feel more abundance and ownership of everything you have.