Learning is what makes sexuality a concept. There are no pre-programmed sexual experiences. Like many things, sexuality can help us become the best version possible. I discussed some techniques that can be used to resolve the issues encountered during sexual therapy sessions. Today I will discuss The Pelvic Floor Muscles Exercise is also known as the Kegel Exercise.You can do it all by yourself without the help of a partner.

Arnold Kegel developed the kegel exercise as a way to relieve urinary incontinence. It is now used as an adjunct technique. Many sexual problems can be solvedVaginismus, in particular.

What is the Kegel exercise?

The most active muscle group in sexuality, the Pelvic Floor Muscles, is responsible for important issues like orgasm, emptying, urinary retention, and baby’s birth. This muscle group supports and holds our pelvic organs by surrounding the vagina, urinal opening and breech area.

Due to its function, the pelvic muscles group is not usually relaxed. They receive signals from the brain during sexual activity and decide whether to settle down. In this decision-making phase, you will need to consider your past experiences, learnings, and the messages you want to send. Mind and bodyInfluence is a key role. These messages can cause muscles to contract unnoticed. A similar situation occurs during most sexual problems. The person transmits signals to their pelvic floor muscles without realizing it to trigger unconscious processes and messages. Even if you don’t want to Negatives Although they may not be immediately apparent in your mind, they are not lost on your nervous system. They send signals to your muscles for alertness. Thus, the pelvic floor muscles contract. person enjoys You feel less pain during sexual intercourse

The Kegel exercise is designed to teach you how to control this involuntary situation. The person will soon realize that he has control of his muscles. Strengthening them during the training will help this intuitive control to be restored at his request.

How do you do the Kegel exercise?

This exercise is designed to strengthen your pelvic muscles and to give you control over them.


Step 1: Explore the Pelvic Floor Muscles

  1. Get ready to sit on the toilet. To urinate, make sure you are as comfortable as possible.
  2. Get used to urinating.
  3. You can keep the muscles around your groin tightening by checking for a steady flow for one second, then slow discharge for a few moments.
  4. Stop urinating. You must stop urinating completely and use your pelvic muscles to stop.
  5. Realize the power you have to control your muscles and that you can hold your urine while managing your muscles.
  6. Allow your urine to flow for a few seconds more.
  7. Continue to do this exercise Until your urine is gone completely.

Step 2: Practicing Kegel Exercise

A set of exercises can be broken down into three different categories depending on how fast you contract or relax your muscles. Each set will require you to relax and tension your muscles. You can do this by moving at a steady pace, then fast, and finally slow. You can use the application at any speed you like, from wherever you are. You can download the application at any speed, from anywhere you are.

One set of exercises

Normal: Relax for 3 seconds, contract the love muscles and then relax for 3 seconds.

Quick: Get rid of your love muscles and let them loosen fast.

Slowly lift your pelvic floor muscles as high as you can, then relax slowly.

Application Program

The Kegel exercise can be done whenever you like. You can only do the Kegel exercise if you are Wondering about the recommended You can refer to the below table for application frequency.

  1. Week: 25 times at normal speed, 25 times fast pace, 25 times daily at slow speed
  2. Week: 50 times at normal speed, 50 times fast speed, 50 times slow speed (everyday).
  3. Week: 75 times at normal speed, 75 times fast speed, 75 times slow speed (everyday)
  4. Week: 100 Times at regular speed, 100 at fast speed, and 100 at slow speed (everyday).

Here are some things to think about when it comes to exercise

  • When applying the product, you should breathe normally.
  • Don’t be afraid to let go.
  • You should relax your abdominal and hip muscles.
  • It doesn’t mean you have to do all of the daily exercises at once. It is possible to divide the daily exercise into smaller pieces throughout the day.
  • If you’re able to complete the task without difficulty, then you can move on to week two earlier.
  • This can be continued until you have 100 sets.
  • The application may cause a groin pain. This indicates that this application works. 🙂