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Is there a technique that will activate your potential?

Louis Zamperini… a worker’s child born in Southern California. He’s a bit of an escaped convict and often gets into trouble. It’s easy to tell the troublesome ones who cannot control their energy. His endless energy started to flow into legal channels when he was nineteen and began playing sports. He still steals Hitler’s flag at the Berlin Olympic Games. Such a wild and unruly soul…

He joins the Second World War, becoming a soldier. Louis’ plane gets pulled into deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, as fate would have it. Louis and his friend are able to survive six weeks of fighting sharks, and other dangers.

They are taken by the Japanese after drifting 2,000 miles in lifeboats. They haven’t been subject to torture in two years. They perform push-ups and are suffocated in pits containing excrement. They can taste all types of psychological and physical violence.

It is remarkable that despite all this, the captives refuse to believe in anti-American propaganda. As the war ends Louis Zamperini is happy to be free from the pain of his past. He is known as the “virtuoso joy”. His The story is the subject matter of two books and a movie Unbroken. It works, and it produces until the last Days of its 97 year life (mine would likely end in the shark’s section).

We can all agree that this man is an inspiration lunatic. Let alone surviving, returning home after going through all this, and having a productive routine…

What made this man stand out from the rest?

The attitude of mind… What separates the most powerful man in any field from the mundane regarding human potential… It’s all about your perspective It is how you approach it. It is something that we all have within us, which can be learned, studied and (hence) improved.

Before you ask: I’ll tell ya, how do you do it?

Are you looking for a way to activate your potential?

Louis Zamperini’s resilience, Shakespeare’s love, Leonardo da Vinci’s creativity, Richard Branson’s achievements, the Dalai Lama’s spirituality… Imagine standing in front the person you wish to see. Close your eyes. benefit most. Relax and float into the person’s body Use your imagination to see the world as it is. Notice the insight you gain by focusing on the trait that you have developed within yourself.

Consider the following questions from your role-model’s point of view:

  • What can I do to make it even better?
  • What should I do instead?
  • What should I do?
  • What should I do?
  • What do you need?