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Inspiring Morning Routines of 8 World Famous Successful Women

Our mornings are precious. Those sacred moments of silence we experience before the outside world infiltrates its noise into our lives. It is essential to have a morning routine and how we spend the first few hours after waking up; the energy we will use for the rest of the day takes shape during these hours.

If you haven’t figured out your productive morning routine yet, don’t worry. Take inspiration from the habits of these eight successful women from different industries to discover the morning routine that’s right for you.

Arianna Huffington

Who: Co-founder and editor of The Huffington Post

The first thing he does as soon as he wakes up: Doing yoga and meditation

Morning routine: “A big part of my morning ritual is about what I’m not doing: I start my day by looking at my phone when I wake up. Instead, when I’m awake, I take a moment to breathe deeply, be grateful for what I have, and set the intention for the day.”

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Who: Actress, model

The first thing he does as soon as he wakes up: Spending quality time with his famous actor wife, Jason Statham. (What lives are there…)

Morning routine: While most of us are just settling into our office chairs, Huntington-Whiteley has already drunk the green detox water, answered emails, and got their hair and makeup ready for the day’s shoot.

The biggest secret is coffee. The famous model said, “I’m completely useless without coffee.” says.

Isabel Allende

Who: Author, Allende

The first thing he wakes up to: Start creating content

Morning routine: Isabel Allende, who chose AllendAllende advantage of the inspiration brought by the morning, “Every morning while my coffee is brewing, I always sit down to create new ingredients or review my previous creations.” says. Allende pays more Allende to her morning routine when working on a new project. “I come to my office early in the morning alone. I light candles for a positive space. I meditate for a while. I always have fresh flowers and incense. And I open myself completely to the experience of the moment.” he says.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Who: Actress, founder of the Goop platform

The first  thing he does when he wakes up: Drinking warm lemon water

Morning routine: After dressing the kids, having breakfast, and dropping them off at school, the Oscar-winning lifestyle guru answers emails from 10 am to noon. Then he takes two total hours for himself to exercise.

Victoria Beckham

Who: Fashion designer

The first thing he does as soon as he wakes up: Spending time with himself

Morning routine: Half an hour before his kids wake up, Beckham takes a shower, washes his face, checks his emails, and makes himself an espresso after a simple breakfast of green tea and fruit.

Mindy Kaling

Who: Actress, comedian, writer

The first thing he does the  first he wakes up: Make a face mask

Morning routine: She starts her morning routine at 05:00. She then takes a quick shower before going to work and does her hair and makeup by 6:00 am. The leaf face mask is his secret weapon to look rested even if he hasn’t been sleeping.

“It can be a calming mask. I keep the mask in my fridge because if there are two things Mindy Kaling needs to keep cold, it’s her beer and beauty masks,” he says.

Katherine Power

Who: Co-founder and CEO of the Clique brand

The first thing he does as soon as he wakes up: Exercise

Morning Routine: “Exercise wakes me up and inspires me. The best ideas come to my mind on the way home from the gym.” he says. After breaking a sweat, Power immediately puts his ideas into action: “After the workout, I go to my car and open my notes, or I’m looking for someone to listen to me at 7 am.” he says. Post-workout breakfast usually consists of a piece of toast and avocado.

Lupita Nyong’o

Who: Actress

The first thing he does the  first he wakes up: Meditation

Morning routine: Lupita Nyong’o reveals her morning routine in her 73 Questions video for Vogue. “I wake up, I read, I meditate, I exercise, I make my day,” she says. Although he can’t fit all of this into the early hours of the morning, being able to do something that moves his body or clears his mind is very important to him.