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How should you approach someone who is depressed?

Depression is a state of constant sadness and despair. A person may have difficulties maintaining his social life and meeting basic needs. People who feel insecure should be able to overcome this feeling immediately, especially if they are our loved ones. You may make them feel worse if you think you’re saying positive things. If you’re having trouble deciding how to behave or what is good for your partner, make sure you have your cup of tea. Then let’s discuss how we can be there for them, without making them feel squeezing.

1. Don’t compare your suffering to others.

In such situations, one of the most common mistakes is to Underestimate the pain of your opponent. “People are losing children.” Or “There are people who have ended their 20-year-old marriage. You won’t be capable of getting used to it.” These statements may be used to demonstrate that you can overcome worse situations. Someone who is Depressed people are already in crisis as they can’t see the way things are.. Instead of saying these words, I’d rather say “I understand what you feel right now; but I want to remind that it’s only temporary.” Or “Even though it may seem impossible, it will eventually pass and I’m with you through it.” This makes it feel like you have a deep understanding of the other person and is not alone.

2. You don’t have to ask the woman how she feels.

It is perfectly normal to be curious about him, because you value him. Asking her how she is doing can pressure her to do well. It would be better to Start a conversation by sharing topics from your daily life Instead of just observing how it is. A short message informing him that you care about him during the Day will also make him feel better Thank you for your support.

3. You can’t blame him if he feels bad.

A common question that depressed people hear is “Aren’t you exaggerating?” This is the question. “Do you still Feel bad? “What can I feel so bad about?” Asking such questions Makes the other person feel guilty. He feels like he must be perfect. Keep in mind that if he could see through the window, he wouldn’t be depressed. Instead of making them think that these sentences are true, encourage them to feel it is. Process, temporary They will be there for you.

4. Do not insist on any of these things.

You might be thinking that he will benefit from your activity. But, insisting on the activity’s success could cause the other to feel pressure. He may also feel pressure to leave you. After giving him what he wants and which will benefit him, you can give him. It is better to take the time to make a decision than to insist.

5. Ask for expert support.

It is difficult for us not to manage certain processes by ourselves. Like when you’re sick, you may resort to drugs. Support from a specialist if you have a mental disorder The process will be accelerated and you can reduce the chance of permanent damage. An individual suffering from depression may be reluctant to accept help because they have difficulty meeting their basic needs. You should tell them that they are welcome to receive help, but not insistent.