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How Do You Get Spotted by Your Boss at Work?

You are brilliant! You have great ideas, are ambitious, and are passionate. You are ready to take on more responsibility, but your leader does not see you. Is it familiar?

One of the biggest problems with white collars is that their performance is not (sufficiently) seen or appreciated by their superiors.

These two situations usually happen together. Let me tell you the story: The sweetest white-collar worker comes to work early in the morning. He takes a sip of his fragrant coffee and starts working with great motivation. I exclude my dear friends who spend the first hour and a half with breakfast and clapping; we’ll talk about them another day. Let’s go back to our example, white collar.

Ours works meticulously, makes plans, updates the to-do list, and tries to benefit the team as much as possible. Although he works, his leader (boss, manager…) does not see that effort for some reason. For some reason, those hawk executive eyes are more attracted to those who spend their time showing “Look how hard I work”. Unless ours is seen and appreciated, his face starts to droop, and his motivation drops. He becomes less and less willing to take responsibility. His performance levels, he becomes reluctant, and even his gait changes. The manager’s hawk eyes are caught by the lack of motivation of the staff he has not seen, and the negative points begin to fill up. It follows each other like an endless chain…

So what to do? Should he put himself in order and wait for the fire of motivation to go out gradually? Or must he find a way to chase his labor and wake up the executives?

Shall we get the answer from the Harvard Business Review? If you’re ready to hear what the manager can do to get you noticed, here we go!

Be noticed in the workplace in 7 steps!

1. Don’t be afraid to show how much effort you put into improving yourself.

The best way to show how serious you are is to work to improve yourself outside of working hours. Because it is precious for the company that the employee spends extra time (to improve himself), you can participate in online courses and read about the subjects you want to gain expertise in. For example, you want to get better at digital marketing. You can ask your manager which books to read. Another method is to ask for more responsibility:

“Mr. Bill, I want to take more responsibility to improve myself and get out of my comfort zone. If it suits you, can I participate in that project?”

2. Focus on team success before personal success!

Your passion for work may tell you to focus on your success. At the same time, you can be more visible when you support others. Teamwork holds excellent opportunities on the road to success. It is almost impossible not to see someone who thinks about the team’s success and supports and motivates his colleagues.

3. Master your work, and know all the details.

You should know all the metrics from the inside out. Standing firm and equipped when someone wants to argue with you would be best. Remember, the best method of persuasion is to be more knowledgeable about the subject than the other person. In meetings, and presentations (all eyes are on you), you can tell people how valuable their contribution is. The best way to do this is to master your job in all its details.

4. Keep your promises, do everything you say you will do.

People who constantly bend plans and work without enough care are the weakest gears of the machine. If you make a promise, do your best. This will position you as a very reliable and dedicated employee.

5. Train yourself to think strategically.

Make sure to prioritize what you need to do during the day. Focus on strategic work, not hard work. You can earn severe results with small steps if you can achieve this. When making important decisions, remember the big picture and examine the issue from different perspectives.

We can compare strategic thinking skills to the muscles in our body. If you want to make strategic thinking a habit, you have to practice it. The more you practice, the faster you will improve.

6. Improve your communication skills.

You don’t have to be the most intelligent person in the room. But if you are successful and agile when communicating with people, you can take control of the situation. Share when presenting, working in a group, or during a critical discussion.

Eve is a significant person, and every situation may require a different skill. For example, while being transparent and analytical in front of Mr. Bill makes things easier, Working with Ms. Ayşe may require patience. It will be exceptionally comforting for you to adapt, at least to know how to adapt.

7. Raise your voice!

Are you looking for an opportunity to show off your skills and equipment? If there is a position, you think you can show yourself in, definitely try your luck. Don’t be afraid to raise your voice, ask questions, or even insist. Don’t just try; push your luck.