Did you know that your hair, teeth and body need to be brushed? If you don’t know the importance of brushing your hair and teeth, it is time to do so. Dry brushing is a technique that allows the skin to breathe and eliminates toxins. It also gives you a smoother appearance. This article will be a great inspiration!

What are the benefits to dry brushing?

1. Cleaning the skin after a long time Exfoliate your body by dry brushing.
It can be used to remove dead or damaged skin.

2. How to reduce cellulite appearance Dry brushing is a great way to combat cellulite! Dry brushing stimulates the cells to eliminate toxins from the skin, and acts as an anti-cellulite. Poor circulation, poor diet, high fat ratio, sugar intake, and unhealthy eating habits are the main causes of cellulite.

3. Boosting blood circulation This technique boosts your energy and speeds up your blood flow. It is also a stress-relieving method. Care you can use at home. Dry brushing is a great activity to do in the area. Morning before you start the day. You can thus say “Hello” to a brand new Day by day You will feel rested, fit, and comfortable.

4. Stimulating Lymphatic system We can remove toxins through our skin. Consider our Skin contains The efficiency of eliminating toxins from the body decreases when there are too many dead cells. Dry brushing improves the function of our lymphatic system by removing dead skin cells and decreasing the chance of developing diseases.

5. Opening your pores Daily life can lead to the accumulation of sweat, oil, and polluted atmosphere that prevents the skin from breathing. Dry brushing on the other side helps open pores which allows for more oxygen to the skin and allows it to breathe better.

How does dry brushing work?

Step 1: Make a selection of brushes

You must first choose Brush with dense and natural bristles. Avoid synthetics. If you choose brushes that reach all parts of your body, it will make you more comfortable. These brushes are easily available in beauty shops, online shops, and pharmacies.

Step 2:

Dry brushing is easy. The best place to dry brush is in the shower. You can take off your clothes and apply without getting wet. Your body should be clean. We begin by rubbing the soles of our feet. Next, we move toward the heart. In a clockwise direction, brush your tummy. We move our palms, arms and shoulders towards the heart. The neck, throat and breasts are down towards the heart. Next, we will start the shower using warm water, and then finish it with cold water to wash away any skin cells or dead cells. After the shower, we massage our bodies with sweet almond and coconut oil. The shower is over!

While dry brushing can be very simple, there are still some important considerations. It is a good idea to first test the dry brush on a small area and then observe the results. We recommend doing this if it is not a problem. You can do it in 5 minutes Every morning. Brush gently, but not too fast.

It is not recommended that it be used on inflamed, injured or varicose regions. People with thin capillaries need to be careful. Finally, Keep the brush clean once a month in order to stop mold growth To dry the meeting outside, you can use vinegar water.