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How do we choose partners that are similar to our parents? Choice or coincidence?

Did you ever notice in your partner certain behaviors that you don’t like or even complain about in your parents? These sentences may sound familiar to your?

  • You’re just like my mom/dad!
  • Don’t act like my mom/dad!
  • Some aspects are the exact same as my mother/father.

Continue reading if you answered yes.

Each of us has an attachment style that we learn in our infancy. The shape we make We establish and maintain relationships based on our attachment style. Particular patterns

The Family’s Effect on Modeling

Some people become unhappy with certain behaviors as adults, and they try to change. You can also: We model the Behaviors we learn from our parents during our childhood and become our own truth. The following words will be spoken:

  • “I will not look like mom/dad!”
  • “I won’t be like you.”

So far, awareness is good. We then see that we are in a relation with similar events. “How so?” “How so?”

Make sure you have pen and paper, questions will be coming!

  1. Which topics are you most interested in discussing?
  2. What is the worst thing about your partner?
  3. What sentence would you say to your partner the most during the discussion
  4. Which one did you feel the most pain?

They should be evaluated objectively. Do they resemble the things you hate or complain about most in your parents’ lives?

The most important question mark: Why attract features that we don’t like?

Ok, but what if our parents display traits that we don’t like? Attracted to people Who have identical or similar features?

The answer is easy: Continue the same pattern as before.

We choose similar people because…

There is an a Relationship patterns We are used to it and have learned up until now, regardless of whether it is good for us or not.

You might be criticized for making mistakes as a child and you don’t get the criticism you deserve. Positive feedback You will probably be anxious about making mistakes if you’re successful. You don’t make mistakes, you strive to succeed and be great. Because it is your condition for admission’.

It is possible to criticize your family members for not treating you in this manner. The person you choose to be your partner is probably used to this. Someone who isn’t proud of his achievements will likely be called pattern Critiques him for a minor oversight

It doesn’t matter whether it’s right, wrong or both. This is the type of behavior you’re used to, so you might be more attracted towards such people.

It is not luck that we find people who are similar to us. It’s not something we realize often.

Do you have any thoughts on this topic? What are the commonalities? You can seek expert assistance if you are having trouble exploring certain areas.