The pandemic has seen an increase in eating disorders and poor eating habits worldwide. Anorexia Nervosa is Bulimia Nervosa. Bulimia Nervosa is Binge Eating Disorder. The DSMV-5 criteria is used to diagnose diseases. The other handA person with impaired eating behaviour may experience symptoms such as increased/decreased appetite, craving for food and inability understand their feelings of hunger/satisfaction depending on how they feel emotionally.. These situations could lead to an Psychologically disturbing people can cause an increase or decrease of body mass. Physically and emotionally. For eating disordersUnder the guidance of a physician and a psychiatrist, a multidisciplinary study will be required.

A vicious circle is formed when eating habits are disrupted. For example, the person codes a food or a drink in their head with labels such as “unhealthy/bad/sinful”. It bans this. Food and does not consume It under any circumstances and for a specified period. Later, it will be prohibited Food is the most desired and urgently required food when there are emotional triggers. This means that the food is more often than it is normally consumed, which can lead to increased consumption. Feels terrible/guilty. The code of the food is the same.

What can you do to stop disrupted eating habits?

It is important to seek professional assistance. Break the cycle Disordered eating behaviour. It is possible to list individual actions that can be taken to deal with this situation.

Take out tags

It is crucial To remove “good or not” labels from food Accept that all food is edible, and drink.

Temporarily removed digital clock usage and calorie counting apps

People with impaired eating habits often want to stick to a certain calorie. This is one of the emotional triggers and it can be detrimental to the individual’s ability to eat within a calorie limit.

Respect hunger

People get hungry because of their metabolism activities. You can avoid hunger by drinking water, chewing gum and coffee. Research shows that people who procrastinate by forming habits are more likely to be successful. Consume more food afterward. So, take care of your body and eat well until you feel satisfied.

You have forgotten the number on your scale

The scale is an ever-changing number and not a target. It is important to understand your eating habits before you start weighing.

Don’t compare yourself with others.

Every person is different. Every person is unique in their diet, exercise, weight and height. Comparing oneself with others will cause emotional triggers so you should only focus on feeling good.

Keep in mind, however, that impaired vision can lead to impairment. If eating habits aren’t corrected, they could become diagnosable eating disorders.. A nutrition plan should be developed under the guidance of a dietitian and an individual should prepare a sustainable lifestyle.