Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian teaching that teaches forgiveness and healing. This is one method of purification and forgiveness.

Getting Things right in Hawaiian refers to thinking right, doing right and making the right connections.. This teaching helps us to assess the circumstances we find ourselves in and to take responsibility for what we do.

Ihaleakala Hew Len (a Hawaiian therapist) is the starting point. His story of helping patients considered insane, while working in an inpatient rehabilitation center is quite famous. Since Len arrived in the hospital, he kept himself locked up in his room and reviewed all patient files. He was able to heal himself and his patients by using the Ho’oponopono techniques. The truth of this story is not yet known, but it is well-known for its results.

Dr. Hew Len is the one who can help you with this technique. It is said that forgiveness can be used to promote healing in others.. This leads us to question the effects of our relationships with others, and whether this potential exists.

What can I do to be more accessible?

Because we are spiritual beings who have bodily experience, it is possible to ask: What is the first thing my soul must do to find freedom?

If we answer these questions with accusatory statements, we are either victims, or victims. How we ask these questions will dictate how we feel about ourselves.

The truth will be found in questions that allow us to reach the “how” instead of the “why”.

  • Why is it that I am not succeeding?
  • Why can’t you make money?
  • Why can’t I have stability in my relationship?

This situation can be avoided by asking questions such:

  • How can I create a happy relationship in my life with my partner?
  • How do I get my certificate? You can get things back Are you on the right track? These questions seek to identify a suspect.

We are responsible for answering these questions and determining the direction of our actions.

  • What can I do?
  • “If I do……….. “If I do………” Attain “My goal.”

There are four steps to the healing and purifying practice Ho’oponopono.

  1. Sorry,
  2. Forgive me.
  3. We are grateful.
  4. I love you.

This technique is to make it easier for us to repeat these simple phrases regularly. Develop self-love When we most need it, self-esteem and self-confidence

To begin with, we can do Ho’oponopono Meditation against any situation that makes us unhappy.

1. It is important to accept, first and foremost, that the wrong was done. apologizing. “I am sorry for not being able to understand you and not being able to notice you. I am sorry if this happened to you. I am sorry if I have unknowingly caused this situation.

2. For causing this unknowingly, I apologize. For my wronged behavior, please forgive me you don’t deserve. Forgiveness is the first step to freedom. It is important to forgive yourself without blaming others or looking for a cause or victim. Acceptance is the ability to let go of any part of yourself that resists forgiveness.

3. I am grateful for your help in purifying my soul. Whom do you want to give thanks? The creator, the universe and yourself.

4. Und die Phrase You are my best friend—is the most valuable sentence after apologizing, forgiving, and thanking. To a relationship that is not working, you should first say “I Love You” To the most important part of you. The person who is the universe, us, the creator, the system’s nature. causes us problems in our lives. You will never forget the sadness and insecurity that we all have. Let this expression be yours Everyday routineAll and all of you You are a part your story. It is hard to admit this to someone who has hurt you. But once you recognize that they are a part of your story you will be able to open another door. You will have passed your own test.

Accepting your fears, traumas or worries and loving them

I love you, even if the event/relationship/person I’m going through has upset me or challenged me, and I don’t know what your role in my life means to me in the long run.

Accepting yourself with all parts, accepting everything, and taking full responsibility. All of our “fears”, if we can accept them, will disappear. Because fear is an emotion that we feel in situations that are frightening and can be used to enslave ourselves. Accepting the emotion that enslaves you is the first step to liberation.

Communication with yourself is crucial. Steps we must take. A healthy relationship is impossible You can be with others but not with yourself.

“Dear Myself,

You are my friend on this journey. You were always there with me when I needed you. We laughed, cried, got tired together, and then we rested. You are my love.

I am sorry for making you feel sad, tired, and for the inconsiderate words and behavior that I sometimes use. I am sorry for my mistakes. Sometimes, I am sorry for making you feel inferior and making others more important. It was me who put others in the centre of my life and not you. You are the most important thing, and I am sorry for that.