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Holiday Ayurveda, Lymphatic System, Detoxification and Holistic Healthcare

Do you feel like you are bloated after a holiday? Are there people who can’t get out of bed without coffee? Be assured that you’re not the only one. Many of us experience at least one of these symptoms during the evening when we say, “Oh dear, it’s vacation, I don’t normally eat,” and then miss the end.

  • Rings that squeeze your fingers
  • Achy muscles in the morningStiffness in joints and muscles
  • Brain fog (concentration disorder, inability of gathering thoughts, the propensity to go to sleep).
  • Heaviness and general tiredness
  • Edema and swelling
  • Sinus congestion and colds
  • Abdominal fat
  • swollen lymph nodes
  • Tenderness to the breasts Pain during the next menstrual period

According to AyurvedaThese symptoms could indicate a blockage of your lymph system.

Ayurveda Lymph, and Other Tissue Systems

Our lymphatic circulation is an important concept. We don’t care too much about it and we don’t care about it unless there are big problems. Ayurveda, an Indian medical system that dates back thousands of years, is a centuries-old tradition.. According to Ayurveda the term “rasa”, can mean different things, including lymph, emotion, taste, melody and love. All These are interrelated Ayurveda’s holistic approach to health.

“Rasa dhatu”The first tissue to be composed of is a tissue called ’embryo’, which is the subject of this article. digested food. According to AyurvedaThe body has seven dhatu, or tissue systems. Through capillaries, food that has been digested is taken out of the digestive tract and into circulation. After digestion, the substances that we call tissue precursors form. Rasa dhatu, which is blood plasma, and lymph are the first tissues to be formed from these substances. Rasa dhatu is made up of Rakata (blood), Mama (muscle), Media (fat), Asthi (bone, cartilage), majja (nerve), Shukra (male reproductive tissue)/ You can find it here (Female reproductive tissues). Each tissue is a precursor of the next. It takes five days for each issue to form. An apple that we eat today is part of our reproductive tissues at the end of approximately a month.

Every tissue has an essence. Both internal and external “by-products”. External by-products include breast milk, skin and menstruation. Our rasa dhatu is based on their health and condition. Rasa dhatu’s essence is “rasa Sara”This is the source of all your information. healthy skinShiny hair, great immunity, stamina, and feelings happiness, satisfaction, security.

Digestive and detox are two of the most important tasks of the lymphatic systems, for which rasa dahatu is responsible.

How does the Lymph System function?

Lymph is the liquid portion of the blood. This is known as plasma in the blood. It is called lymph when it leaks into intercellular spaces. This is what we refer to in Ayurveda as rasa. The liquid parts are able to release the fat-soluble nutrients, toxins and other substances into the lymph vessels. The lymph nodes then purify the rasa using the help of the immune system’s white blood cells. The lymph then returns to the bloodstream to form new tissues.

How we eat and how we digest it are equally important. More than 40 types Agni (digestive flame) are involved in the nutrition of our cells, and DNA-RNA. They reduce these nutrients to the cellular levels. This is an example cithara Agni Is responsible for “Transforming” the contents of the cytoplasm Convert food into consciousnessayurvedic medicine’s essential explanation of how food affects our mental health. state.

What happens when these foods can’t be digested properly?

Protrusions in the digestive tract are the beginning of the lymphatic system. These protrusions are responsible for absorbing both good and bad fats, as well as lipids and proteins, from the digestive tract into the lymph around the intestines. Bad fats can also negatively impact the lymphatic system, especially hard-to-digest protein like gluten or casein. Slow clogging can also be caused by oil-soluble environmental toxicities, pesticides and preservatives as well as heavy metals.

As a result…

These symptoms begin to manifest as we described at the beginning. If the choices we make are unhealthy or artificial, Prepared food rasa dhatu builds up when our digestive fire drops. It is difficult for the lymph system to detoxify, which is one its most important tasks. This is what we call “The Lymph System Has a Hard Time Detoxifying”. Lymph congestion occurs.

Ayurveda says that rasa dhatu can also be affected by other factors. You can take, for instance: Low rasa dhatu may lead to Cold hands and feet, chapped lips or skin problems such as acne, dry skin, chapped skin, chapped lips, etc. Problems can result.

Here are some Ayurvedic tips to help protect your lymph health, especially during holidays.

  • Consume alkaline. (Eat more fruits, vegetables, and less bread, grains, milk, processed foods, and junk.
  • Green leafy vegetables are best.
  • You can eat the white parts of grapefruits, pomegranates, and oranges!
  • Increase the consumption of red fruits & vegetables (purple grapes and forest fruits in summer, pomegranate, beet, etc. In winter
  • Consume turmeric.
  • In your kitchen, include digestive-enhancing spices like coriander and cumin.
  • Make tea with fresh ginger or lemon.
  • Sip hot Drink water throughout the day to increase your metabolism Water consumption
  • You can cut down on salty and sweet tastes, which causes Kapha to build up.

To get rid of toxins:

Keep in mind that each individual is different and that every person’s needs may differ. Ayurveda provides personalized advice to account for this uniqueness. For any underlying issues, consult your doctor.