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High Functioning Anxiety: Do You Burn Out When Everything Seems Okay?

You see people who spend all their time working and are constantly busy. So much so that these people are always busy they don’t even have time to raise their heads. They say that work feeds them, and they are happy. You envy them, and you feel inadequate. ‘Why am I not like this?’ Your inquiries begin. So is everything as it seems from the outside? These are terms that are familiar to almost all of us. However, another new concept has come into our lives recently: high-functioning anxiety disorder. Don’t ask if anxiety is a high-functioning state. If you are experiencing this situation, you probably did not realize it. Let’s examine it together.

What is anxiety disorder?

People who live with it experience severe difficulties in their lives and feel intense anxiety. Their quality of survival decreases, and their functionality decreases. They are constantly alert and construct scenarios they fear will happen. The panic of these people can also be noticed from the outside.

What is high-functioning anxiety?

In people who experience this situation, anxiety becomes their motivation instead of disrupting their functionality. These individuals look perfect from the outside, but they experience intense pressure inside, and this situation is not noticed from the outside. Most of the time, the person himself is unaware of this situation. Their minds are always busy, and they are always busy with their work. It is at its base.

How do I know if I have a high-functioning anxiety disorder?

  • Everyone knows these people to be very helpful. However, they cannot refuse the opposite because they cannot say no.
  • They cannot spare time for themselves; they are constantly catching up with other people’s work because they have difficulty keeping their borders.
  • They focus on their tasks in their spare time rather than doing a hobby or enjoyable job. They feel compelled to be busy because taking time for themselves means laziness.
  • They constantly have a long to-do list on their minds. Even when dealing with a job, they think about their next task.
  • They feel compelled to control everything. Because they are afraid that if they let something go, they will fall.
  • They have trouble sleeping; because their minds are constantly busy with things to do.
  • And because they are lost in their thoughts, they can never live in the moment.

So what to do?

  • The critical point, realize: this is not a fact of life or your obligation.
  • Create a quiet time during the day and let yourself go with the flow: observe your thoughts, listen to music, and do your inner accounting.
  • Create moments of awareness and savor those moments: Don’t pick up the phone while sitting with your friend. While drinking coffee, try to taste it, don’t do a job.
  • Set your limits: You are not a running engine. However, as you think, ‘I can do anything and assume too much responsibility, people perceive it as your duty. So remember, if you don’t set limits, everyone will demand more from you.
  • Let go of the belief that ‘everything has to do with it: have activities you pursue only because they bring you happiness or pleasure.
  • Stop trying to please people always; it’s not your job. You are the essential thing before anyone else.
  • Finally, face your fear: What happens if you stop trying, working extra, and running around?

Even if you say you can’t cope or have difficulties, there is always a solution. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and get professional support.