It’s easy to feel the warmth in your bed every morning. Soft, comfortable pajamas on you… Who would want to get up from this bed? The bed is more important than the breakfast, because it makes you feel better.

Let’s look at some ways to spend more. Productive mornings together!

Let yourself be awake.

We get it. Home preparation time.

You can clear your head quickly by getting up earlier than usual. Don’t force yourself to get up immediately after waking. If necessary, get up 15 minutes earlier. These 15 minutes can be considered a gift to you.

Another morning meditation: Open the windows or step out onto the balcony.

The fresh air hitting your face feels like pure water and you know that you have begun a new chapter. Maybe you will hear a few bird sounds, the morning breeze hitting your face, even a few scents of flowers carried by the wind…

Turn it around It is important to try to see everything first. All people, their clothes, all the animals are passing by… Then make an effort to hear everything. What do you hear, then? Finally, activate your senses of smell. What are the smells and smells that come to mind?

You will be able to wake up your entire family with this simple step. Meditation is a great way to get your mind in order. But you can also take in the freshness and smells of nature.

What could be sweeter than to increase awareness? Day well?

Make a plan for your day!

We know that most of you have work ahead of you. To avoid the chaos and hustle, it is important to plan your day. Just thinking about your priorities for the day will make a huge difference. It will also help you not to get distracted throughout the day. “What was my goal?” What was my destination? You can store what you think in your calendar, or in your notes on the phone.

You don’t have the time? No problem.

If time permits, you might even try to greet the person you are greeting. sun every morning. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the time. Even a few short stretches can give you both. Mentally and physically great. It can. Prevent it from happening too soon Fatigue can be especially common if you are at work or school all day.

You can choose to have a peaceful morning or rush around the house. We promise you’ll feel healthier and happier.

It wouldn’t be nice to just spend an hour with your thoughts and not get caught up in all the noise of daily life.