Emotions are an integral part of human existence. They add meaning to our lives and influence our relationships with others. We appreciate your efforts to send us a message, even if it seems pointless. Some emotions are more powerful than others.

Since the moment we were born, our emotions guide us. From the moment we are born, our feelings guide us until we can communicate our thoughts and feelings through speech. As babies, we feel hungry and cry to satisfy that need. We also recognize our need for love, attention, and trust, which is in tune with our emotions. Our parents must meet this need.

As we get older, we tend not to pay attention to what’s important. Emotions can be difficult to tell us and engage our thoughts, in other words, our logic—of This is where the educational system can help us to learn to think analytically and to see that not everything in our lives can be met immediately. We are now turning to games that use logic, reality and intelligence instead of creative games that allow us to surrender to our imagination to make this change. We can’t always keep the balance right here. We often ignore our emotions. Trying to tell Please contact us to turn off the radio completely. Neglecting your feelings can lead to depression cause us unexpected problems.

What happens if we don’t acknowledge the existence and power of our feelings?

If we ignore our emotions and sweep them under the carpet,

  • Physical problems can include back pain, headaches, stomach issues, and other ailments.
  • It is possible to experience memory or attention problems.
  • When there is nothing around, we can feel outbursts.
  • You can describe yourself as anxious and restless in general.
  • It is difficult for us to determine and Keep in touch.
  • It can be difficult to find meaning. To sustain life, purpose.
  • We can often find ourselves in a low energy state.

There may be different beliefs behind our emotional neglect and inability to ignore them. Many misconceptions about emotions can lead to emotional neglect. Let’s examine the Believers that Prevent We should not be afraid to express our emotions, shall we?

Emotional misperceptions

False: “Expressing your feelings is a weakness.”

Sometimes we believe it’s a Talking about weakness is a sign of weakness Be sensitive to and consider our feelings in all relationships. Giving is not the same thing as giving Our emotions are important It has nothing to do with weakness. Contrary to popular belief, listening to your feelings and understanding what they are trying tell you can make you more. Psychological sense is vital now more than ever!

Myth: Emotions can be good or bad.

Instead of Accepting emotions as a wholeWe categorize emotions as either positive or negative and we avoid feeling certain emotions. Emotions don’t have a positive or negative side. Every emotion has its function. Disgust tells you to stay away from something. Anger signals that things are not going according to plan or that something is troubling you. Fear is a sign that we are in danger. We need to take precautions.
As you can see we all have our own emotions and label them as either positive or negative. There is no such distinction. Emotion is simply our feelings about the subject.

False: People turn away when I share my feelings

Sometimes, even though our emotions are obvious, we feel afraid to share them. We believe that sharing our feelings with someone can make them feel worse. Our open and transparent sharing allows us to connect with other people. Talking about our products is also a good idea. Sensings to another person is a sign that we trust him and are willing to share our innermost feelings processes. The easiest way to understand yourself and your needs is to talk about them.

Incorrect: “Expressing your feelings doesn’t make me any better.”

Sometimes we feel that discussing emotions is not necessary and will not lead to a solution. My observations lead me to conclude that the following False belief can also be believed Sometimes, belief is the main cause of problems. The best Step one on the road to success To find a solution, you must be able express yourself. You can also talk about your feelings.