Period pains are a common problem for women. There are many myths about yoga being unsafe during periods. Yoga instructor Sara Quiriconi says the opposite.Some yoga poses you can do during menstruation can ease your pains and aches.

However, do we really know what causes cramps? These cramps can be caused by contraction of the muscles within the uterus. Because pain comes from the muscles, we can relax them with the help yoga poses You should focus on the lower abdomen area and groin.

In short, when your period starts to be painful—usually one day before your period starts and can be severe for the first two days—incorporating these five yoga poses We recommend that you incorporate our recommendations into your practice.

1. Sitting spine rotation pose

You can apply pressure to your abdomen and pelvis muscles by doing this pose. Also, you should be breathing. Start the carriage in a seated position, with your legs extended forward on the ground. Bend your right knee and place your left foot just outside your left knee. Exhale and raise your left arm so that it crosses over your shoulder. For better control, place your elbow on your knee and then begin to stretch. With each breath, turn gently to your right. You can continue for five more breathes. Next, move to the opposite side.

2. Bridge pose

With your feet about hip width apart, lie on your back. Your knees bent, place your feet flat on your back, and your toes almost touching your heels. You can exhale by lifting your hips and strengthening your shoulders. You can either keep your hips at a lower level for a few seconds or move your hips up and back for as long as you like.

3. Pose of the butterfly

This is a pose that strengthens the hip muscles. Sit on the ground, draw your feet towards your chest, and then open your knees. Press down on your big toes with your hand. As you inhale, sit straight up and extend your spine. Keep your chin forward. Imagine your belly button approaching your feet as you inhale. This cycle can be repeated five to ten times. You should feel your spine move each time.

4. Sitting forward bending pose

This pose is calming for both of you Body and mind. Wrapping a towel or elastic band around your feet can help you lean forward if your hamstrings are too short.

Place both your legs on the ground and extend your legs forward. If your hamstring muscles don’t have enough flexibility or you haven’t stretched them, you can bend your knees in this position. By using your elastic to inhale, bend your knees or flex your hips towards your feet. It is important to maintain a straight spine. Each exhale should be taken forward. You should take care to inhale deeply while you are holding this pose. Breathing must be slow and steady. To relieve your pain.

5. Child pose

Even if everything fails, this pose works every time! This pose is great to keep in practice all through your life, and even during your periods.

Take a deep inhale and sit down on your knees. Reach out as far as possible with your arms. Feeling and hearing yourself Breathing has healing properties It has a relaxing effect that allows you to relax. This is why you can Throughout the practice, focus on your breathing..