The ability to recognize and distinguish human beings from other living creatures is one of the most important cognitive characteristics. The human mind is always on the move. It can think of many other things than the current environment. The human mind is always on a journey towards the future and the past. However, this important feature has a disadvantage. This disadvantage is The unhappiness and sadness it brings. We often lose sight of the present because we become stuck in the past or the future.

Our most well-known phrase is “Staying in the Present”.

Are you aware of what actions you take every day? Consider activities that are routine, but that you don’t realize. Everything we do and every reaction is called. Unconsciously, you are on autopilot. All our attention is on the subject when we are learning something for the first-time. Even the most beautiful bike ride can show us this. It was so difficult to learn how to ride a bicycle for the first time.

One, you needed to adjust your balance, while the other required you to pay attention to the pedals and other factors. Your pedaling, credit, driving, and balance became automatic after a while. This is the most common scenario. We have provided a list of suggestions for various This field is home to mindfulness researchers who are trying to escape the autopilot state.!

“The best way of valuing the future is to evaluate the present.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Five easy ways to make your day more conscious for those who want the moment to be present

1. Brush your teeth while you brush them

When we brush our teeth we don’t do much else than focus on the teeth or the brushing process. It is impossible to know what thoughts we might be having while brushing our teeth. “Use your conscious awareness and notice every detail of this brushing ritual. From how you reach for your toothbrush to the sensation in your hand, all the way to how you move your fingers,” says meditation expert Elizabeth Ohio. Says. What does it feel like to use a toothbrush to brush your teeth? Are you more gentle or harder when brushing your teeth? What do you concentrate on when you brush your teeth for just 2 minutes? As you brush your teeth, be aware of the moment and how it feels.

2. Walking

Walking is an automatic action for everyone. Did you ever pay attention to your soles and pressure points when your feet touch the ground? These sensations can be felt as you walk. Is it possible for your feet to make noises on the surface you are standing on? Does each character have a particular temperature? How do you feel walking?

Research has also shown that walking (especially walking) can help you to be mindful. Reduce stress and anxiety. We all walk every day. But how about focusing on our gait and walking while we walk? And noticing the difference it makes in our lives?

3. While you are eating

Ohio says mindfulness This allows us to enjoy the dining experience by allowing ourselves to slow down. Pay attention Pay attention to the way you eat your food. While eating your meal, think about the taste, smell, texture, and sound of that food…

Research has shown that being mindful is a good thing. Disordered eating can be managed by eating Poor eating habits. Avoid eating while you are working or watching TV. Be mindful of what you eat and why. Listening to your body is what this app does. This will allow you to determine if you are hungry or if you are feeling stressed or bored. This can also be achieved by listening to your body and eating when you feel hungry. You can seek help here. conscious nutrition exercises.

4. Enjoy your morning coffee

Jon Aaron says, Have your morning coffee when you get up. Don’t read, listen or check your phone while you drink coffee. Sit down. Be aware that you are sitting down and drinking coffee. He says.

It’s a great way to feel physical and emotional emotions through coffee or tea. White, “Pay attention!” You will be influenced by the texture and taste of the coffee and how it is brewed, as well as the aroma and temperature. says. As you sit down with your cup of coffee, where are your thoughts and emotions? What are your tastes, how do you feel and what is your smell? These mindful observations will help you stay present.

5. While you take a shower

You should allow yourself plenty of time to shower. Melanie Shmois believes that shower time is a precious time to connect with our thoughts and five senses. You can enjoy your shower time by taking your time.

Feel the sensation of water on your skin, the temperature and the fragrance of shampoo and conditioner. Melanie Shmois say practicing little mindfulness techniques You can have a quiet, relaxing day by taking a shower.