You decide what happens in your life. You make the final decision about where your precious time and money go.

There are plants in your garden that require constant watering. These plants might seem like they are vital. Things in your life. Consider these mixed concepts of time, money, and energy as “water” for the life force and your own life as “garden”.

In this instance, the key questions to ask are:

1. Which plant is the most well-watered? Why did you choose this plant?

2. Is this enough?

3. Which plants are growing? Which plants are in decline?

4. Which weeds have you seen growing in your garden?

5. What amount of your time, money, and energy does the plant you’re trying to grow require to survive? Can it keep growing?

In these cases, the focus should be something magical. It’s a superpower our world needs, but it is not available. When we focus our attention on something important to life, it becomes our primary concern or the center of all of our attention. Focus means to have a clear vision. Therefore,When we focus our attention on an object or subject, we use a certain energy.

This is crucial because it will help us achieve our goals. Our guide will automatically shift to something that is important to us if it is important to them. It is not something we should strive to achieve.

The problem with willpower

Willpower is the water inside your vessel. You take it and immediately empty it into a specific area of your garden. You then wonder why your flowers died after two weeks.

Nature is all about sustainable long-term development. The seeds take in water slowly and germinate slowly. They crawl to the surface, then finally see the light of the day. They endure the natural challenges that nature presents to them to survive, grow, evolve, and reproduce. This sounds familiar?

Life is a pattern; the wise person adapts to it and grows. Clarity is possible when we combine our power of attention (focus) with our intention (will). A sustained interest in an idea or something essential that we should develop in our daily lives.

As we age, it is possible to be more careful about how we approach water we have scattered all over the place. We try to give each plant the right amount and keep them happy. While some plants may need more water than others it is not a problem. We design a life plan to ensure that each plant gets the water it needs. It’s important to identify the right person for you. Balance in your life.

We are here for you. Live your lifeIt is important to take the time you need, and not just pass it by. Time is the measure for this thing called life. It flows as soon as you step into it. Time; Lives in a time-integrated system of energy And money. Energy is the unit that gives life. Money on the other side provides us shelter and food so that we can survive. 

Water is the result of combining time, money and energy. This water is then used to water the plants in our garden. The most important things in life are identified. We need to make sure they are our main focus.