Feng Shui is about harmony with the natural world. While any tree or plant will look beautiful in any home, there are a few tricks that can be used to position your plant friends and attract their energy. This is why taking care of your plants at home can be a great way to help.

Living room

Living room is important for many people. If you have enough space, you could put as many plants in it as you like!

Place your plants on coffee tables and shelves, or hang them. Ribbon flowers, patos Ivy, vine plants, and other plants can be used as reminders of growth. They are great choices for the living area. They also increase the sound energy of the home by quickly growing and blooming plants. The pasha sword plant is a good option if you’re looking to save on maintenance. It will also be energizing and delightful to watch your plant grow. Because it grows quickly, grow towards the ceiling.

Dining room

Many plants are used at the center of the dining room table. But succulents are our favorite. Placed in large decorative pots pot. This look has a striking impact and a lot of energy!


At the risk of being a bit of a cliché, I suggest you plant greenery on the window sill in the kitchen. You could also try growing vegetables Hydroponic gardening systems can be used to grow lettuce, tomatoes, greens and other vegetables in a home. This standalone garden equipment comes with a light source so you don’t need to worry about creating the right environment.

To increase fertility, you can also select plants with oval or round leaves. Some of the most popular feng shui This area is home to the following plants: a money tree and camel sole; a rubber tree; and a lucky bamboo.


It is a great choice for placing moisture-loving plant in bathrooms. Orchids can be combined with the toilet, for example. They can live together. If you don’t have enough space outside, hanging plants can be used in the bathroom.


It is best to limit the number of plants you place in your bedroom. According to Feng Shui, Living plants have too many active yang energiesThis can adversely affect the ability of the room to relax and sleep. Plants such as the African violet (the symbol of love and wealth) and the flower of peace can be great choices for bedrooms. Their soft, round leaves give the room a tranquil feel.

What about artificial plants?

Although artificial plants aren’t considered “bad” in Feng Shui, they can be very difficult to maintain. Because they attract dust like a magnet you should always clean them. You can’t see them grow so you won’t feel the same energy and feeling as a natural plant. It doesn’t matter if it is artificial or natural, it will still add beauty and aesthetics as an image to your home.

Let me end with a note. 

It is important to research the plant’s needs before buying it. You should also check to see if the plant is toxic to your pet.