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Benefit from Nature’s Healing Power: How to Communicate with Plants?

Behind every disease, the model is an energetic signal. It is like a screaming pulse or a crack in the fabric of existence. It is these energies that plants respond to. By channeling the energies of plants and aligning our vibrations with theirs, we can tap into their healing power and wisdom through empathetic tones.

If you sit under a tree and listen to it, that tree will share with you the secret of its sacred geometry. When we open our hearts, the ancient knowledge of nature will reveal itself to us if we let the plants speak to us and share their ancient wisdom with us.

Integrating ourselves with nature allows it to architect our energy field. Integrating ourselves with nature will enable it to architect our energy field. Our energy fields communicate with everything we come into contact with. Thus character; begins to redesign our geometry, activates our parasympathetic nervous system, reconfigures neural pathways, and improves the crystal structures in the cell membrane. 

When we sit in front of a plant in nature, we become the essence of that plant, and the water in our body reflects that our vibrations and sacred geometry are one.

Exercise to communicate with the plant: 

1. Go out into nature and ensure you turn off your phone so it doesn’t interfere with your communication.

2. Find a place where you can be alone, free of distractions, and mute your thoughts. 

3. Let your intuition lead you to a particular herb and sit next to it, relaxing your body.

4. Don’t force yourself; breathe and stay in the moment. This is an exercise to communicate on a cellular level by feeling from the heart.

5. At some point, you may feel you are on the same wavelength as the plant. Your energy fields cross the border between you and create a synchronization between you. Thus, your perceptions become different by melting into each other. 

6. Communication is energetic and first reaches us through the sacred language of geometry. Your body interprets it as an emotion, intuition, idea, memory, or hunch. It can offer you healing at that moment or give you the secret of the cure. In addition, these messages may reach you directly at that moment or come later as a moment of awareness.

7. The more you repeat this practice, the more sensitive you become because intuition is like a muscle that should always be worked.

8. You can also do this exercise with a plant you have at home. As your relationship develops, you may find yourself randomly watering or relocating it because now you’re starting to learn each other’s languages and understand each other.