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Be More Peaceful and Productive with a Feng Shui Layout on Your Office Desk

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese teaching that aims to arrange objects in the physical space accordingly so that the “Chi” energy, known as the essence of life, can circulate more comfortably and freely. According to this teaching, if the Chi energy circulates in the space in a particular order, it feeds and rises.

So why not use this teaching in the place where we spend more than half of our day, perhaps where we experience the most stress, in our office or at our desk?

A simple, clean, and spacious workspace

How does your energy go out when it’s crowded, right? The first thing to do for the chi energy to circulate more efficiently is to keep the area simple and tidy. After removing the excess and arranging your table, you divide this area into nine squares.

Field 1: Abundance, abundance, prosperity

The upper left corner of your desk represents well-being. You can use this area to attract abundance into your life; you can put a green plant, valuable objects, or your computer in this area.

Field 2: Fame and prestige

The upper middle part of your desk represents dignity. You always see nameplates here, remember? Here, you can place objects that will remind you that you are successful, highlight your respectable identity, and provide motivation. According to Feng Shui, keeping your awards, plaques, and business cards here is beneficial.

Area 3: Love, marriage, and relationships

We keep our eyes on the upper right corner for love and relationships. You can support gifts, photo frames, and flowers from your lover/wife in this area. If you are alone, you can put a few romantic objects to remind you that you are worthy of love.

4. Domain: family

According to Feng Shui, the left middle section of your desk represents family. A family photo you put here can make you feel good. Besides, maybe it will remind you that you are not alone when your energy and morale are low; what do you say?

Area 5: Health

The middle section of your desk represents health. It is recommended that this area be left empty for the energy to circulate more efficiently and increase mobility.

Area 6: Creativity

You can place your notebooks in the right middle section of your study table. Anything that increases your creativity and inspires you is welcome! Or whatever will be good for you; let your creativity speak…

Area 7: Mind, wisdom, personal growth

According to Feng Shui, the lower left section of your desk evokes reason and wisdom. You can also quote a thinker who inspires you with his knowledge or place your favorite books here.

Zone 8: Career

The middle lower part of your desk represents your career. Again, to increase your mobility, you can leave this blank and paste post-its that will motivate you about your career goals.

Zone 9: Sociability, travel

Keep an eye on the lower right corner if you need help. It might be a good idea to put a phone here. It’s the same with photos of your loved ones or any place you want to go.

How about giving Feng Shui a chance to make your working days more accessible and enjoyable?