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Are You Ready To Be Who You Are?

The boundaries between the two worlds are blurred and heads are confused. You may find it tempting to copy what someone else does. You might wish you could be like him. You may have to emulate his mood, demeanor and choices. Learning is a process that involves imitation.

It is important to be cautious if your entire being has been imitated. Everything is possible You produce imitations of the thoughts of someone elseIt’s a great idea to reflect on why you expect so much from yourself. It may seem like you are trying to escape the pain, responsibility and confusion that comes with the creative process. You may feel safer describing something you have already created and approved as yours. You may Consider a product that you use and take care of. All the negative approvals you have received in your life should be replaced by something else. You may believe that creativity is the gift of a godfather living above.

But what if I can’t? Let me tell you something?

When you were a baby, you were at your best and didn’t need to be someone.

I don’t know when you were told that there was no way to do anything and that all you could do was repeat the same thing over and over again. That your only mission in life was to be able to dance as you want to. You have tremendous potential, my friend. You were great potential.

It is possible to see all the secrets and possibilities of an enormous universe. The possibility of rebuilding a whole world. It is possible to imagine a lawn on which young men with empty wallets do not have to sacrifice them to elephants for their other wallets.

You won’t be great, but everyone will remember the things you did. What is the American dream? “You can do it, man!” me? No. Not. The plan you create can make the potential I have mentioned come to life. Your imagination can be enhanced. Watch, write, draw, read, follow, and imitate without losing yourself, learn to criticize, remember to be criticized, watch what you say from different angles repeatedly, and say it repeatedly with other words… As this skill developsThe need to create and produce is evident.

Producers are born out of necessity.

Imagine a world that allows you to exist in spite of the fact that there are others. Need for Creation beyond A pat on the back from an authority. You may not be required to do the same thing as you are right now. Dare not to follow the same path as everyone else.

It doesn’t really matter what outsiders see. What words they use to describe what they see is irrelevant. You feel the emotion they send inside It seems so important at the moment. I wish that you continue to produce in your original form. Although what you create may not be appreciated, it is an essential part of creating and dreaming about the future.