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Are You Introverted Or Do You Have Social Phobia?

Is someone who can’t open up in a crowded place, is he introverted, or has a social phobia? So, are these two concepts similar to each other, or are they different things? Before sharing the details, I will ask you a few questions. If the pen and paper are ready, let’s get started!

    1. Introverts do not like to be in crowded environments. (True-False)
    2. Individuals with social phobias enjoy solitude. (True-False)
    3. Introverts enjoy meeting new people. (True-False)
    4. Individuals with social phobia avoid speaking in public. (True-False)
    5. Social phobia and introversion are the same. (True-False)

For correct answers, we will first evaluate these two concepts separately.

Introverted Individuals

  • They like to spend time alone. They enjoy it more isolated but can also be found in social situations. They get tired when socializing for a long time and prefer to be alone.
  • They don’t pay much attention to other people’s comments about them. For them, their comments are more critical.
  • They like meeting new people, but they are picky. They are more distant from people they do not like. They feel uncomfortable when they are in the same environment as them.
  • They also spend time with other people but prefer to spend more time with themselves. In summary, they live in preferred solitude.
  • Although they have difficulty speaking in public, they can perform this task.

Individuals with Social Phobia

  • They especially avoid crowded environments because their anxiety increases in these environments.
  • They constantly put other people on the jury in their lives and care deeply about other people’s comments.
  • What if I’m disgraced, or if they criticize me, they get caught up in their thoughts?
  • They have trouble meeting new people and avoid it. Therefore, they live in forced loneliness.
  • Even if a severe opportunity comes their way, they hold back from speaking in public because of their anxiety.

How different are the two concepts from each other? That’s why it’s essential to know the details.

Is there a solution to social phobia?

Social phobia, also known as social anxiety disorder, is a condition that can be resolved through therapy. If you are having difficulties in this regard, it will be beneficial to consult a specialist.