Did you know that our perceptions about ourselves are directly linked to our bodies? This means that understanding ourselves is a function of our awareness of the body. We cannot truly understand ourselves if we don’t feel or interpret our bodily sensations., says psychiatrist Bessel Van Der Kolk.

In order to believe we live a simpler or more enjoyable life, we might become numb. We lose sight of what is going on in our bodies, which can lead to numbness or vice versa. Undiagnosed pain can also become chronic and becomes a part our daily lives.

My body is a tool?

Could it be that we are constantly tired? We can’t live a life we don’t want Our complaints, such as anxiety, pain, aches, or discomfort, indicate that we regard our body as a tool. We can sometimes forget that we have a responsibility to our customers. Our mind is one whole body.We don’t listen to it if it fails. When it does, we are disappointed and sometimes even angry.

Socrates, a philosopher who lived around 2,500 years ago, stated, “You cannot seperate the.” The mind is separate from the body.” said. We are referring to the interaction of The mind and the body. Our bodies can produce solutions that our minds cannot. This is why we have various diseases, pains, and other problems. It is easy to see how situations change. We see this as: Our psychological conflicts are transferred to our biological bodies. In short: Our body is speaking to us. Can we talk to him?

Nietzsche says that modern man has stopped listening and understanding his body and has moved away. He reduced his body to pursue abstract ideas and ideals. He used it as a tool.

State of internal dissonance

It could be a runny nose if we’re sad or a stomachache if we’re angry. Or a racing heartbeat if we’re happy. Our bodies tell us what we feel. Also, Each emotion has its counterpart in the body.

Each emotion is unique and we all have to deal with them. There may be a problem between you and the emotion if we are unable to feel it or have trouble expressing it. You might be suppressing your feelings or rejecting them. However, For feelings we feel mentally leaving, our bodies come into play.

Dr. Gabor Mate describes this as a state Of ‘inner dissonance. The state of disengagement, caused by suppressing emotions and resulting in a loss of awareness, is the start of a disease state where the body’s physiological mechanisms are disrupted. Chronic pain can increase anxiety, fears, and palpitations. Many autoimmune diseases may also open the door.

Where are my feelings going now?

We learn how to express emotion In our childhood. Each conditional sentence, like “Enough, you’ve been crying so much”, “Stop crying. Let’s talk” and “I’m moving/I’ll move now because you’re still crying,” prepares you for your adult stereotypes.

As children, we learn to suppress our feelings and reject them. We are not accepted in our current state of emotions. We feel the same, but our feelings do not end.We don’t want to feel them for too long and we don’t like to share our thoughts. Now, we are able to accept the belief that “Crying doesn’t make you happy,” that “I am strong and I won’t cry” and that “I have to be strong.” Hold on, and we’ll continue in the same manner into adulthood.

To be accepted in the world where we are ourselves, it is possible to be against yourself. When our emotions don’t accept us, we lose our connection with ourselves. Over timeWe stopped asking ourselves the questions about “what we love”, “and” what we were concerned about, and we became silent.

Every emotion has its own meaning. Energy is produced in the body. When we Try to control the power that comes from our Feelings, emotions, and their significance, do not cease to exist in our bodies. The contrary! The points that are not easily released start accumulating in our bodies.

This is exactly why we exclude ourselves from our bodies.

What can you do?

To begin, recognize that the body is not the vehicle we need to reach our goals. We can understand that the body needs to be fed. Pay attention Learn from it and live your life.

Realizing that we can learn to listen to our bodies is hidden in how we communicate with them, can be a great lesson.

Our body is our most loyal friend. From birth through death, we are always with him. Only when we can communicate from the inside with our bodies and when it is valued, can we move on. Healthy steps In the pursuit of self-knowledge.

Communication with the body is key to our ability to communicate with it. We can move forward with curiosity, exploration and not fear. Like doing sports to feel more alive, rather than look better, seeing the beauty in people is an opportunity to be more alive. We are trying to lose weight as an investment for our health rather than numbers…

Ultimately, we can ask ourselves questions:

  • Are we opening our doors enough? space in our lives For our emotions?
  • What can we do/want to do with the feelings we don’t like or feel?
  • What are our pains? Trying to tell us?
  • Where do our most distressing feelings appear?
  • Could it be an unmet need?

In short, We can look inwards, not out. Our body awareness can allow us to explore. Understanding your body is key to making informed decisions Deepen your inner peace. experiences.