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8 Behaviors You Have a Right to Expect from Your Partner in a Relationship

To maintain a romantic relationship healthily, it is essential for the partners to make mutual sacrifices and to take appropriate steps by considering each other’s boundaries and needs. When the partners share their needs with the other party by establishing open communication, meeting these needs, and shaping the expectations accordingly, it increases the satisfaction felt by the relationship.

When you’re in a romantic relationship, there may be times when you question whether your expectations for your partner are realistic or reasonable. Sometimes you ask yourself, “Am I right in asking my partner to spend more time with me, or is this an unrealistic expectation?” or “Is it okay to expect my message to be returned within a certain time?” You can find it in queries such as. The answers to all these questions may not be the same for every relationship because the partners’ needs and boundaries shape the dynamics of every relationship dynamics of your previous and current relationship may differ. After all, the person in front of you has different limitations, and your reactions to these boundaries also vary. However, although the dynamics of each relationship are different, in general, there are some basic behaviors that partners have a right to expect from each other.

1. Love shown by words and actions

In a relationship, it’s one of the most natural desires to feel your partner’s love for you, either verbally or non-verbally. Some days you may need or lack these words of love or a warm touch much more. At such times, expressing your need to your partner can help them realize this need more clearly.

2. The compassion and care showed when you are hurt

When you are hurt or trying to cope with a situation that upsets you, it is a very justified expectation to take refuge in your partner’s presence and desire the affection that will come from him. This expectation may not be met immediately due to your partner’s intensity or unavailability at that time. However, knowing and wishing that compassion and care will be provided to you, or even expressing it openly, does not make you hungry for attention.

3. Respect for your opposing opinions

You and your partner may not have the same opinion and opinion on everything. Sometimes you may be standing in opposite directions on the same subject. However, the important thing here is respect for each other’s ideas or opinions rather than the same opinion on a particular topic. Therefore, while your ideas do not have to be embraced by your partner, it is perfectly reasonable to expect them to be respected.

4. Considering how the behavior will affect you

You cannot control all of your partner’s behavior. People can sometimes even take some actions about themselves without thinking about how the other party will feel. However, if these actions are taken on a sensitive issue for you and your opinion or how you feel is not considered, it is pretty natural to demand this from your partner. For example, if you talked to your partner about making a plan for the weekend, but they made other plans for him afterward, you could point out that he should consider that it will make you feel bad.

5. Time to spend with your partner

It is unrealistic to expect your partner to devote all their available time to you. But on the other hand, the formation of intimacy and attachment develops, increases, and nurtures with the time you spend together. But that doesn’t mean you have to be together every time of the day. Although the times you spend physically together play an essential role in the relationship, it is also necessary to make a video call during the day or talk on the phone to tell each other how you spend your day and open up your heart. It is a justified request to demand this time from your partner during the day.

6. Interest in you and your identity

Expecting your partner to be interested in who you are and to listen to the details about you with excitement does not mean you have high expectations for him. On the contrary, keeping the interest of the partners alive in a romantic relationship is very important.

7. Efforts to get to know you better and establish intimacy

Intimacy is one of the most critical components of a romantic relationship, and establishing intimacy takes time and effort. You may want your partner to get to know you better, understand the little details about you, and take the time to learn all these things. These are all situations that should be in a relationship.

8. The dedication to finding ways that will work for you

In a romantic relationship, partners often transform from two strangers who never knew each other to each other’s haven. When you’re feeling down, seeking support, or seeking attention, it’s natural to want your partner to know what’s suitable for you. However, instead of waiting for your partner to read your mind for all these, you are quite right to expect dedication from him if you show him what is good for you in time.