Every day, technology is reflected in our lives more and more. This is reflected in our job search process. Posting advertisements, scanning resumes, and conducting interviews are all part of the recruitment process. They also took part in the advancement of technology. This was evident in the discussions. Gradually, interest in using recruitment test grew. With digitalization came recruitment tests. Human Resources, New models were also used in the selection process of candidates.

It is important to make the right choices. Having the job you want, maintaining your current life, realizing your dreams, and getting to where you want to be, is key. Companies are more likely to hire the right candidate. This is due to the sensitivity.Some of them are also applicable To find out, you can use inventories and tests Understand the personality and their behavior patterns to determine their suitability for the job.

Do not be intimidated by the various tests and inventories that you may encounter in recruitment. First, it’s important to understand that these applications are designed to help you find the right candidate for the position. There are no correct or wrong answers. Only you know the answer. This information is used to assess your suitability for the job. This will allow you to answer questions with more confidence and comfort.

Personality traits are important in job selection

Another Evaluation The following are the top candidates that meet the requirements: education, age, and previous experience in candidate evaluation. Work-person compatibility. This is where we can conclude that the inventories and tests used to determine candidates’ personality traits are quite reliable thanks to scientific research.

We call personality the combination of learned and innate characteristics. The personality, or pattern of conduct, thought, or feeling, is what emerges from interaction in the environment.

You must have excellent social skills if you want to be a sales representative. You should have the right personality traits determine success Every job and profession is different. Different work areas/professional groups may have different definitions of the most prominent personality traits.

If you are an employee of the R&D department, you must have a patient, careful and harmonious working order. This is why it is important to have a work-person connection when your personality traits and education are combined.

This is a good place to start.

Let’s look at the tests that were applied to this test. Job interviews What purpose do they serve?

1) 16 PF Personality Index

It’s an inventory It deals with 16 dimensions. It includes 20 factors, four of which are factors that influence the behavior of people. The test consists of three choices and includes written answers. It consists of three options and has written tests. The personality structure can be analyzed using 40 elements. Each element is viewed from both the introverted and extrovert sides. There are four forms available: A,B,C,D, depending on your education level.

2) Cornell Index

It’s a test to determine the quality of your work. Psychosomatic and neurotic symptoms An assessment of an individual’s behavior. The questionnaire consists of 101 questions, and addresses ten personality characteristics. These personality traits include:

  • Being unable to adapt to the space.
  • Anxiety, irritability and anxiety.
  • depressive disorders,
  • Anxiety due to neurotic symptoms
  • Neurotic origins can be found in the digestive system.
  • Stomach and intestinal disorders
  • Psychosomatic symptoms
  • hypochondria,
  • Fear is a fear response
  • Neurocirculatory psychosomatic symptoms
  • Psychopathic disorders
  • Sensitive personality.

3) Edwards Personal Preferences Inventory

It is a collection of 225 items that are used to identify the person’s needs. It is important to define what needs mean The person. The following requirements must be met:

  • Attract attention
  • Be independent
  • Do not be too sympathetic
  • Do not be too close
  • Receiving and receiving interest,
  • Do not feel guilty
  • show no compassion,
  • Protect others
  • Never do anything different
  • Be patient
  • Interacting with the other sex.
  • responsiveness,
  • Achievement,
  • Predisposition to act in a proper manner
  • Be consistent.

4) EPQ Inventory

It is an a Personality inventory consists of 101 questions. You can mark yes/no choices to apply it.. This inventory evaluates the emotional balance, neuroticism and extraversion dimensions of individuals and measures their psychotic extent using a test.

5) KAI-Kirton Fit Test

The test is composed of 33 items. It can usually be completed in a short time. It is mostly. People who will be joining the management team level. This is done to assess whether an individual is more likely to use solutions he has learned from education and experience, or those with uncertain results.

6) Anxiety Inventory

It’s a way to determine if someone is anxious. It is used to determine the level of concern, as people’s anxiety levels have an impact on their performance.

7) MMPI–Minnesota Versatile Personality Inventory

It consists of 566 questions, and a personality dimension that is 550. Answers: right, wrong and I don’t know. It is used to determine the pathological structure of individuals participating in psychopathological research or vocational rehabilitation.