It doesn’t matter how big or small the space, greenery can transform it into a magical place. Happy houseplants are always happy and know how to brighten up a space. These silent creatures do their best to increase our energy. Sometimes it is difficult to apply the information from the books. Some things are only understood when we have actually experienced them. All this experience taught me that they don’t need much except water and sun. You can do it, I promise. It’s possible for anyone to do it.

Now I present the seven most suitable plants I have chosen for your living rooms… These plants are great for growing greenery in your home, office, bedroom or dark corner.

Cactus (Cactaceae Succulent)

It’s not like you thought we wouldn’t include this on our “must have” cactus list. Without them, there’s no way. This magnificent plant has hundreds of varieties with small and large flowers. It also has no thorns and no flowers. That’s why someone without any experience with plants can do it. Recent claims have raised its popularity, claiming that it was exposed to radiation.

Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis)

It is a cactus that has hundreds of species, and it is my favorite. Because it is both my first and most important healer, I can confidently say it is my number one.

Many times, I witnessed the gel miraculously reducing the amount of oil that was splashing out from the pan. I will admit, I began to take. Take care of it at your homeI thought it would be good for me skin. But the emotional connection that we formed over time led me to see the energy of the plant that not only heals, but also revitalizes my home.

Pasha Sword (Sansevieria Trifasciata)

This Nigerian girl is also one the most resilient houseplants. This beautiful plant is easy-to-reproduce and can be kept alive indoors. It cleans the air and is recommended because of its ability to purify it.

Camel Bottom (Monstera)

Monstera has lived its golden years in recent years but is still a legend with its beautiful leaves. It will continue to be the crown jewel of our salon because of its easy growth and care when it is exposed to the sun.

Benjamin (Ficus Benjaminica)

I wasn’t sure if to say Benjamin the beautiful or handsome after the name. It has been a great choice. Plants that are most suitable for the living spaces of our homesHowever, it might require your attention because of its sensitive features and unpredictable nature.

Japanese umbrella (Cyperus Alternifolius)

The gentle, long, and thin-leaved Turkish name of this plant is stunning even in Latin. It is best suited for gardens but it should not be overlooked in the halls.

Areca (Dypsis Lutecens).

It is a perennial favorite of mine for many years. Because of her elegance, it is impossible to imagine anything other than for her to float down the hall like Cleopatra.