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6 Rules for extending fullness and keeping your appetite under control

Delicious food gives you pleasure. It is not unusual for the body to crave delicious food. Salty and delicious foods are more appealing than those that are bitter or sour. This method is also very effective for quickly gaining weight and storing more body fat. There are practical ways to do it. Controlling your environment appetite. You might be like “I can’t control my appetite.” You can say “I don’t want to snack or eat all the time.” This is acceptable within the context of these rules. You can.

A balanced diet and exercise can control your appetite

The brain’s pleasure receptors are more active in overweight people People are compared with their body mass index. When people start to lose their pleasure receptors in the first few days, they begin to decrease. A decrease in pleasure receptors causes a change of taste. This is why you will feel compelled to eat delicious things. Reduced prices are also offered for foods. If the appetite is natural, it will be. weight loss It is not more than 1 kg per week. A controlled weight loss promotes regular secretion in the stomach as well as the intestines of satietyhormones. You will have fewer cravings for high-calorie or high-fat foods if you eat your meals at the right time. Naturally grown foods decrease.

Avoid emotional eating

To prevent any emotional distress, you should eat three main meals and one snack. eating. The Breakfast should be the first meal of the dayBreakfast, lunch and dinner should all be eaten before the sun rises. To unplug the passion meal, a snack is sufficient. A person fed Emotional eating is not necessary every four hours.

Well-cooked food

Slowly eating, chewing every bite at least 20 time, eating different food types in one meal to give satiety, planning regular meals allows the feelings for hunger, appetite and satiety to co-exist in our daily lives. The body is yours throughout your life. In shortSensory, cognitive, and metabolic factors determine The body’s stimuli can be used to initiate, continue, or terminate eating.

After 20 minutes, toughness begins.

The signals that cause satiety only begin to appear around 20-40 minutes after you start eating. This is also the time that it takes for satiety feelings to develop between meals.

To ensure satiation, it is better to stop eating after having eaten a small, adequate meal. Stop eating the food Consume from the table, and then get up To support natural satiety, wait at least twenty minutes

Eggs and cheese are vital

It is important to keep full by quickly activating cholecystokinin, in order to stay full. Pay attention Calcium-rich foods, such as milk, yogurt and cheese, can be found in protein-containing foods, such as eggs, red and white meats and healthy fats like olive oil in main meals and snacks. It is important to emphasize that food components like protein, carbohydrates and fats, as well as polyphenols, capsaicin, can all be found in foods. Appetite directly impacts.

Get enough protein

Proteins are the most important nutrients to create the strongest immune system. Feeling of satisfaction. It is very well It is known that carbohydrates and oils follow. These plans include protein-rich nutrition. It is effective in creating a sense of belonging of satiety. It is important to remember that every protein-containing food has different satiety effects. Let me also mention that protein can shorten the time between meals. The situation for carbohydrates is a bit more complicated. Let’s say you think the Fast digestion is key to the fast-digestible food that you eatIt has high glycemic and carbohydrates. In this situation, blood sugar levels increase rapidly and then a temporary feeling of satiety is experienced.

So, instead of eating fatty foods in excess to ensure you satiation, try planning. Menus that include healthy protein, whole grains and plenty of fresh vegetables as well as calcium-containing foods are ideal.. Take calcium-containing snacks as supplements. You can quickly provide a longer-lasting feeling and fullness.