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5 Ways to Keep Love Alive in Relationships

What shall we do? How shall we take care of each other? What do we do when we say two back and forth but keep the love alive? Should we garlic or hide these relationships? Shall we throw some salt and pickle it with lemon? Or if we mummify it and freeze it…

Does love end? Maybe it will decrease and lose its excitement. Perhaps it will rust and need polish. Maybe there is no love; it’s a fairy tale, we believe. Perhaps it’s always there; it takes time to realize that we chose not to look.

What should we do if there is love and it has lost its vitality?

This time we will share with you the results of a study conducted at the University of Illinois. Here are five strategies we can use to keep the excitement of the first day fresh in a romantic relationship…

According to Brian Ogolsky, who led the study, relationships are like cars. It was necessary to follow certain routines for their work: changing the oil, bleeding the air from the tires, maintaining of I don’t know how many kilometers, washing and cleaning from time to time… Let’s examine how we can renew the oil/water of our relationship.


Don’t be afraid to show your feelings to nurture the relationship. Tell him about your feelings and experiences. Let him share what’s inside with you. Trial! It may not be easy at first, but as you continue, you will see how much it strengthens your relationship.

Common social environment

Another way to keep the love alive is for couples to be involved in each other’s social circles. Being with your friends is relaxing and safe, we know. Struggling to understand her friends will make her feel “loved”.


It is essential for the health and sustainability of your relationship that the person you are with feels safe. Your lover should know that you will always be there for him. You may think that you don’t need to make a special effort for this: “He already knows how important he is to me.”

Please do not hesitate to verbalize and remind him. It is one of the best feelings in the world to hear that your lover is there and willing to stay. Let it live again and again.

Be positive

Putting on a positive attitude and trying to see the beautiful whenever you feel under pressure… Sometimes it is tough to be cheerful; even the curve of your lip cannot move to smile; believe we understand. Bonus: This will reflect in your relationship too! If you choose to be self-motivated and embrace life in a positive light, we promise you will have a much better life.

Learn how to listen to him!

Let’s come to our golden rule. How would you like to experience effective listening in three steps?

  • Reflect: Learn the art of active listening because everyone needs to be seen and understood. Repeat what your partner said in your own words. This is called mirroring/mirroring. The message it gives to the person you are in contact with is invaluable:

“I hear you.”

  • Understand: You don’t have to confirm everything he says, but please don’t deprive him of understanding.

“I understand what that means to you.”

“I know you are very upset; I can feel it in my heart.”

Most importantly, be yourself!

Please, respect your soul’s feelings, thoughts, and colors, and love yourself before anyone else.