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5 Tips to Make You Feel Better Before Taking the Exam

Letters everywhere: “The big day has come!”, “The day that decides the fate of the students!”, “The day has come!”

Big big headlines, big big expectations, big chaos…

Let’s not talk big with you, let’s have a little chat.

Don’t fight your anxiety: Whatever you’re feeling is normal

Maybe when you think about the exam, your pulse speeds up, maybe you feel nauseous. Maybe you’re dizzy, your hands are shaking. I want you to know that all your body’s reactions are normal. Whatever you’re feeling right now is normal.

It’s normal to be anxious, it’s normal to feel that tightness in your heart, it’s normal to have all the thoughts chasing each other in your mind. So don’t try to resist any reaction, any emotion. Don’t fight with your mood, your mood, your thoughts. Let them flow.

Can you follow your concern? Without reacting, without fighting, can you just watch it come, go and go? Whatever emotion or thought is coming, it will be much easier if you stop fighting it and choose to see it, I promise.

Shall I tell you a secret: Even the worst is not that bad

Oh dear human… I know, they made you feel like a racehorse sometimes just because they were going to motivate you. They enlarged and enlarged the day when you would sit down to explain the importance of the exam. They said it was the turning point of your life, they said your destiny depends on that day. They ascribed much greater meaning than they were.

I do not deny that it is an important stop for your future. But shall I tell you a secret from the future? There will be so many turning points in your life, so many breaking moments, so many roads in which you suddenly turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction that this test will be a small one for them. Yes it is important. But as much as the others… Not bigger than them. I assure you, this test will not be the last brick you build your life on.

Today, what will be good for you is to realize that there will be many doors that will open in front of you. Even in the worst case scenario, you wake up from this delusion that there will always be multiple choices, multiple chances, seeing the trick your mind is playing on you, and that it’s your last chance for everything. Once you realize this, your shoulders will drop, your rib cage will open, and maybe even a small smile will form on the corner of your lips. Laugh, laugh, we will not look. 🙂


If you want to prepare for the exam on the last day, decorate your mind with your dreams. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and take yourself to the exam moment. The booklet is in front of him, a confident smile on his face. Touch the pages… The moment you see the questions, with a vision; it’s all so easy for you. You answered all the questions easily and with pleasure. Feel the lightness on you.

Here’s a great mental exercise for you! Remember, your subconscious mind cannot imagine reality with imagination. 🙂

Compassionate preparation

You don’t have to chase big big routines like you’re getting ready for a race. If you force yourself to go to sleep at 10 pm, think of the revel that will occur when you are still awake at 10:05 pm. 🙂

Eat a little light today, make your stomach happy.

Do not consume too much coffee, do not increase your anxiety.

Move, let oxygen enter your body.

Maybe you can do some breathing exercises, relax your mind.

Try to spend a lot of time with who/whatever gives you pleasure. That’s all! 🙂

you did your best

Stop thinking about who did what, what I couldn’t do. You did your best under the current circumstances. You are exactly where you need to be.

What surprises life will bring you, we will experience it and see. But we’re proud of you, just the way you are.

May success be with you.