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5 Suggestions to Support the Development of Self-Love Understanding

Positive emotions such as love and compassion are those that we are very generous towards our immediate surroundings. But have you ever questioned how much of these feelings you constantly show towards the people around you? When you turn the mirror to yourself, do you show enough love to yourself? Or do you have the self-compassion to admit that you can make mistakes when you make a mistake or are you one of the hardest hitters? If you also think that the love and compassion you show yourself is not enough, let’s discuss how to develop self-compassion and self-love and what we can do.

Accept that you can make mistakes.

Together, we look for a solution. Can you be accusing and critical of yourself while approaching your loved ones constructively? If you often think of sentences such as “I wouldn’t have experienced this if I didn’t do this, it’s always because of me”, yes, you are approaching yourself accusatory and critically. Every human being can make mistakes. When a loved one makes a mistake, we try to understand instead of blaming them. We learn by making mistakes. Instead of blaming yourself, focusing on what you learned from the situation and how you can come out of the most harmless way will alleviate the problem and not harm your self-love.

Be your own best friend.

Many people see the time they spend with themselves as lost and avoid being alone all the time. However, the dates you go out with yourself affect your self-love significantly. In fact, after a while, you start to look forward to the times when you will be alone. The more you love yourself, the more you will reach a higher version of yourself, and the more you get a higher performance, the more you will love yourself. If you like to drink coffee as a first step, go to a coffee shop alone and plan to reach a higher level in your life.

Treat yourself the way you treat your best friend.

Think about the events that happened to you with your close friend. If you talk to him accusing and hurtfully when he comes to you when he is in trouble, would he want to go to you again? More importantly, could you love each other as before? When your close friend is depressed, do you let him stay in bed and cry all day, or do you plan enjoyable activities and try to keep him from ruining his day? If you learn to treat yourself the same way you would treat your best friend in a situation, you won’t need anyone but yourself to stand up. Moreover, you will not find anyone who knows what you want better than you.

Increase the time you spend on activities you love.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, you may prefer spending time with your loved ones rather than spending it on yourself. No matter how busy you are, even if it is half an hour during the day, it will make you feel important over time. No matter what, have routines that give you pleasure and that you will not miss. After a while, those routines will become habits, and you won’t want to quit.

Talk to yourself in front of the mirror.

Many people consider talking to themselves insane. However, who should he talk to if a person cannot speak to himself? Talk to yourself in front of the mirror by looking into your eyes. When you talk to yourself aloud and make compassionate sentences, your compassion for yourself will increase, and you will feel a little relief.

Loving yourself and getting along will allow you to live a better life. Moreover, as you love yourself, you will see that the behavior of the people around you also changes. Remember, there is no one else besides you 24 hours a day.