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4 Habits of People Who Are Not Aware of Their Power

What would we do if we knew the power we have?

We confidently slammed our fists on the table and said, “I’m in!” However, dictations from society, our learned helplessness, and even a casual chat with friends can cause us to lose our self-confidence and doubt our potential. What do we not overcome when we can say?

It becomes much easier to stay in control of our lives when we change the habits that do not serve us. Here are the patterns often exhibited by people who underestimate their power and are unaware of their potential…

If you’re making too many comparisons

Constantly comparing yourself to other people’s situations, achievements, achievements, and overcomings cause you to be unable to use your full potential. In a study by Lancaster University with 35,000 participants over 15 in 14 countries, they observed that Facebook users underestimate themselves by comparing themselves more than others. Social media plays a massive role in this. This comparison disease that the digital world brings to our lives causes problems that can reach up to disorders such as depression and anxiety. We have previously explained how social media, where we focus most on the lives and appearances of others, harms and engulfs us.

We will not advise you to close your social media accounts; We have all accepted that the digital world is the reality of our age. Just, “Be you, don’t be deceived by the amazing lives you see on social media!” we will say. Remember, this is your life, and there is only one of these. Focus on your own life; the only person you need to compare is your previous version of yourself.

If others have a significant influence on your decisions

Insecure people, unaware of their power, often allow their family or friends to influence their decisions; Unfortunately, this is because they do not believe they can choose the right one. However, only our inner voice knows what is true. If you take too many ideas from others and act in line with those ideas while making your decisions, it’s time to take your power as soon as possible. If others easily influence you, you are doomed to live with their must-haves.

If you settle for less than you deserve

One of the most common situations in people who are unaware of their potential and tend to belittle themselves is settling for less because they do not see themselves as worthy of better. If you pay for less than you deserve, you are throwing away many opportunities you may have. Write down your current situation on paper and ask if you deserve better in every area of your life. If a voice or a feeling bothers you during the re-enactment, if your dream is makeshift, it means you don’t believe you deserve it. Having them won’t be easy unless you think you are worthy of your dreams.

If you are afraid of making mistakes and cannot take risks

People who underestimate their power do not want to step out of their safe zone because they are so scared of making mistakes and failing. However, mistakes are part of the road to success. We often see success stories full of severe trial and error, failures, and mistakes.

What separates the successful from the unsuccessful is that they don’t stop trying, not that they make mistakes. Did you fail? Great, try again! Until I find the right path.

And remember, unless you realize your strength, no one will. How would you like to be treated? Who do you want to be in society? Try treating yourself that way first.